Market smarter with data clean rooms

Increase data access while safeguarding privacy

The Definitive Guide to Data Clean Rooms

In an age of decentralized data and privacy-first mandates, data-driven organizations understand that data collaboration is essential to gaining a competitive advantage and driving growth. It’s for that reason that data clean rooms have rapidly become an essential component in enterprise transformation plans.

Data clean rooms deliver a secure, privacy-first environment for organizations to collaborate on sensitive data without compromising data privacy regulations or exposing proprietary information. Moreover, they provide an essential link to decentralized data that lives on diverse cloud platforms.

This guide by Habu and Databricks will explore:

  • Why data clean rooms are key to businesses in today’s privacy-centric world
  • Common use cases for data clean rooms across industries
  • How data clean rooms are constructed and connected 
  • The role of business users and data scientists in data collaboration
  • Operational best practices for managing data clean rooms at scale