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Databricks Ventures

Investing in the future of data, analytics and AI

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Databricks Ventures invests in innovative companies that share our view of the future for data, analytics and AI. Our inaugural initiative, the Lakehouse Fund, is focused on early and growth-stage companies that are extending the lakehouse ecosystem or using the lakehouse architecture to create the next generation of data and AI-powered companies.

Portfolio company benefits

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Exclusive insight into the product roadmap and support for building deep technical integrations

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Guidance and best practices from the network of Databricks mentors

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Broader reach by partnering with Databricks go-to-market programs

Lakehouse Fund investment

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A shared vision to build the future of data, analytics and AI on the lakehouse architecture

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Investments in early to growth-stage companies in partnership with a lead investor

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Projects and entrepreneurs that share Databricks’ commitment to open source and building on open platforms, much like the Databricks Lakehouse

Our Portfolio

alation logo

Alation is the leader in enterprise data intelligence solutions. It helps organizations transform raw data into actionable insights with its data intelligence platform that empowers users to find, understand, govern and use data collaboratively.

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Anomalo logo

Anomalo provides automated AI to detect data quality issues and understand their root causes before anyone else. Customers can get ahead of data issues by automatically detecting them as soon as they appear. Anomalo can detect, root cause, and resolve issues quickly — allowing businesses to feel confident in their data.

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Arcion is a cloud-native, distributed CDC-based data replication platform that makes building real-time data pipelines simple. Arcion helps enterprises eliminate brittle pipelines and data silos.

Acquired by Databricks

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Catalyst is the leading platform to drive growth through your customers. Trusted by top revenue leaders at global B2B brands, Catalyst guides sales and success teams to turn customers into your number one engine for growth.

Acquired by Totango

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Celebal Technologies

Celebal Technologies is a Databricks Global Elite consulting partner delivering data and AI solutions across industries with deep expertise in industry co-pilots, SAP data modernization and generative AI.

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Cleanlab logo

Pioneered at MIT and proven at over 10% of Fortune 500 companies, Cleanlab is the fastest and easiest way to automatically fix issues (label errors, ambiguous data, outliers, duplicates, etc.) and improve the reliability of enterprise AI and analytics solutions built on error-prone, real-world data. Data is the currency of enterprise AI: Cleanlab increases the value of data.

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dbt labs logo

dbt is a data transformation framework. Users can work directly within their data lakehouse or warehouse to quickly produce trusted data sets for reporting, ML modeling and operational workflows.

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Entrada empowers Databricks customers to unlock their data’s full potential by offering expert services in modernizing data platforms to drive business objectives and monetize data-centric solutions.

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Glean is the AI-powered work assistant that connects and understands all your enterprise knowledge to bring you the answers you need.

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hex logo

Hex is a platform for collaborative analytics and data science. Users can connect to data, analyze in a collaborative SQL and Python-powered notebook, and share work as interactive data apps that anyone can use.

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hightouch logo

Hightouch is a data activation platform that helps organizations unify customer profiles in the Lakehouse, and activate audiences across marketing channels. Together, Hightouch and Databricks form a Composable CDP.

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Hunters logo

The Hunters SOC platform empowers security teams to automatically identify and respond to incidents that matter, helping teams mitigate real threats faster and more reliably than SIEMs.

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Immuta logo

The Immuta Data Security Platform enables organizations to unlock value from their cloud data by protecting it and providing secure access. The platform provides sensitive data discovery, security and access control, and data activity monitoring.

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Labelbox logo

Labelbox is building a collaborative training data platform that makes it easy to create and manage labeled data, enabling rapid deployment of AI applications.

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lovelytics logo

Lovelytics, a leading Databricks consulting partner, provides enterprise data platform design, data science, cloud, data visualization, and AI services to enable organizations with better, deeper, and faster insights.

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Matillion is the data productivity cloud that gets data business-ready, faster — with enterprise-scale load, transform, sync and orchestration — for insights, analytics, data science, machine learning and AI.

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Mistrel Ai

Mistral AI is a European startup with global ambitions to be a pioneer in the realm of generative artificial intelligence. The company is committed to making generative AI more open, portable, independent and accessible to all.

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Neon is a modern, developer-friendly Postgres built for the cloud. Neon separates storage and compute to efficiently autoscale projects, support database branching and provide “bottomless” storage.

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Perplexity logo

Perplexity advances the way people discover and share information using AI-powered search — providing instant answers and information on any topic, with up-to-date sources to help people discover, research and learn faster.

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Prophecy is a low-code data engineering platform designed to make more data users enabled and productive on Databricks with complete lakehouse support.

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revelate logo

Revelate’s data fulfillment platform provides a suite of capabilities for data sharing and data commercialization for customers to fully realize the value of their data.

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Snowplow logo

Snowplow’s Behavioral Data Platform enables organizations to generate first-party customer data with real-time event streaming into the lakehouse for machine learning-powered personalization and customer 360 applications.

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tecton logo

Tecton, the machine learning feature platform company, enables data teams to build, centralize, share, and serve production-ready ML features for offline training and online inference, at scale.

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Unstructured transforms organizations’ complex, unstructured data like PDFs, PPTX, HTML files and more into formats compatible with LLMs so employees can chat with their internal data.

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Depending on the size and stage of the investment, Databricks will provide unique access to product roadmap direction, technical integration support, and go-to-market support; access to Databricks mentors for guidance and best practices; and exposure in Databricks’ global go-to-market programs, including our Data + AI Summit series.

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