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Databricks SQL

The intelligent data warehouse

Databricks SQL is the intelligent data warehouse. Built with DatabricksIQ, the Data Intelligence Engine that understands the uniqueness of your data, Databricks SQL democratizes analytics for technical and business users alike. Businesses are able to innovate faster with an intelligent and auto-optimizing platform that provides the best price/performance in the market. As part of the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, Databricks SQL benefits from the simplicity, unified governance and openness of lakehouse architecture.

“The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform has enabled us to run analytics that reduce the time it takes to derive insights from audience behaviors from weeks to minutes.”

— Stephane Caron, Sr. Director of Business Intelligence, CBC/Radio-Canada
CBC Radio Canada


Intelligent experiences

Natural language experiences for everyone with built-in understanding of your data and business.

We Put the Company First

Predictive optimizations

Predictive optimizations for your infrastructure, for all your workloads.

Value Action

World-class price/performance

World-record price/performance and lowest TCO.

The best data warehouse is a lakehouse

The best data warehouse is a lakehouse

Databricks SQL is built on lakehouse architecture, which unifies data, analytics and AI, eliminating the cost and complexity of a stand-alone, legacy data warehouse and lowering TCO. Delta Lake UniForm serves as the open storage layer for all your data in one place, and Unity Catalog provides unified security and governance.

“Databricks is core to our business because its lakehouse architecture provides us a unified way to access, store and share actionable data.”

— Jagan Mangalampalli, Director of Big Data, Punchh

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Access for everyone to ask questions of their data

Access for everyone to ask questions of their data

DatabricksIQ powers multiple intelligent experiences that give anyone a simple interface to ask questions and get insights from their data. Data engineers and data scientists who write code have an assistant inside the SQL editor, and analysts have an assistant to generate visualizations for their dashboards.

Intelligent, automated management and tuning

Intelligent, automated management and tuning

Databricks applies machine learning, powered by DatabricksIQ, to all levels of our stack to automatically improve efficiency and performance for your workloads. This eliminates the need for admins to worry about the management minutia and improves savings through more efficient provisioning.

“Databricks’ Predictive Optimizations intelligently optimized our Unity Catalog storage, which saved us 50% in annual storage costs while speeding up our queries by >2x. It learned to prioritize our largest and most-accessed tables. And, it did all of this automatically, saving our team valuable time.”

— Shu Li, Data Engineering Lead, Anker

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World-class price/performance

World-class price/performance

Databricks SQL utilizes our next-generation vectorized query engine Photon and set the world-record 100TB TPC-DS benchmark. For BI workloads, the instant, elastic SQL compute — decoupled from storage — will automatically scale to provide unlimited concurrency.

“Our analysts rely on Databricks SQL to derive business intelligence. … With the push-button simplicity of Databricks SQL Serverless, we have 30% better performance and have reduced costs by 20% on average.”

— Allard de Boer, Global Director of Analytics, Adevinta

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