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Legacy data warehouses are costly to maintain, unscalable and cannot deliver on data science, ML and real-time analytics use cases. Migrating from your enterprise data warehouse to Databricks lets you scale as your business needs grow and accelerate innovation by running all your data, analytics and AI workloads on a single unified data platform.

The case for modernizing your enterprise data warehouse

Enterprise data warehouses have traditionally supported only historical reporting — with no support for forward-looking prescriptive and predictive analytics. They also cannot handle semi-structured, unstructured or real-time data and are not set up for advanced analytics use cases that data science teams need to drive ML and AI–powered innovations. If that wasn’t enough, EDWs store data in closed proprietary formats, impose rigid vendor lock-ins and are prohibitively expensive to scale.

Read this TDWI report on how you can overcome these challenges by transitioning from a data warehouse to a data lakehouse.

The Wisdom of Transitioning to a Data Lakehouse Strategy Image

The Wisdom of Transitioning to a Data Lakehouse Strategy

How a data lakehouse approach can help you overcome the common limitations of data warehouses and data lakes

Why migrate your data warehouse to the Databricks Lakehouse?

Simplify your data platform

Get a single modern platform for all your data, analytics and AI use cases. Unify governance and the user experience across clouds and data teams.

Scale cost-effectively

Stop managing servers, and scale on demand with serverless. Run data warehousing at scale with up to 12x better price/performance.

Accelerate innovation

Build AI, ML and real-time analytics capabilities faster with collaborative, self-service tools and open source technologies such as MLflow and Apache Spark™.

Migrate with confidence

Automated tools, technical guidance, partner solutions and professional services help you eliminate risk and accelerate your migration journey.

Technical guidance for data migration, ETL and code migration, and BI reporting

Pull data into Databricks from various database sources

Push data out from EDWs to cloud storage and use Databricks AutoLoader

Use our ingestion partners such as Fivetran, Qlik Replicate and Arcion from Databricks Partner Connect

Leverage Delta Live Tables and Databricks notebooks which can be orchestrated via Databricks Workflows

Speed up your legacy ETL and stored procedure migration by using automated code conversion accelerators from ISV partners like BladeBridge, LeapLogic or certified migration SI partners

Use our ETL partners such as Prophecy, Matillion and dbt Labs from Databricks Partner Connect

Connect your BI tool to Databricks via JDBC/ODBC

Get up to 10x speedup in reporting with our Cloud Fetch Technology

Use our BI, reporting and OLAP Cube partners such as Power BI, Tableau, Looker and AtScale from Databricks Partner Connect

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