EMR to Databricks Migration Guide

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Plan your EMR migration to Databricks in 6 steps

Building data and AI products on EMR requires you to manage and stitch together disparate tools, resulting in increased DevOps burden, platform inefficiencies and delayed time to market. Consequently, your architecture will become more costly and complex in the long run. With the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, you can adopt a simpler approach with a unified platform that provides built-in governance, orchestration and native support for AI.

Migrating from EMR to Databricks is easy with the right planning. This migration guide spells out the common patterns in migrating data and code, best practices, tooling options and more from Databricks’ collective experience.

Download this migration guide to learn:

  • 6 critical phases of your migration project
  • Best practices to scale your lakehouse
  • Resources to help with your migration journey