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The Data Intelligence Platform for Financial Services

Financial institutions’ first unified platform brings the power of AI to your data and people, delivering AI’s potential to every service and customer

The Data Intelligence Platform for Financial Services
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Your data. Your AI. Your future.

The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform delivers your data and AI strategy — with zero compromise

Your AI, built on your data, will set you apart

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The Data Intelligence Platform Difference

Succeed with AI

Leverage generative AI and build your own models

Improve product search, streamline customer service and increase personalization. Build the underlying lakehouse architecture and tooling to harness your customer and operational data to easily deliver generative AI and LLM models to your entire organization.

Explore LLM accelerators

Democratize insights for all your people across the entire value chain

Open, scalable data sharing

Delta Sharing and Databricks Marketplace infused with intelligence from DatabricksIQ enable any of your people to gain insights from existing data, tap into new data sources, share data internally, or share with suppliers and partners without copying data and without requiring them to be on the Databricks Platform.

Financial Services Marketplace partners

Industry’s first unified governance solution for data and AI

Unified governance

Seamlessly govern structured and unstructured data, machine learning models, notebooks, dashboards and files on any cloud or platform with Databricks Unity Catalog.

Learn about Unity Catalog

Solution Accelerators

Databricks-developed financial services solutions deliver data and AI-driven outcomes that matter most

Databricks Solution Accelerators are purpose-built guides — fully functional notebooks and best practices — that speed up results. Save time on discovery, design, development and testing in use cases like AI model risk management, card transaction analytics and cybersecurity at scale.

Financial Services Partner Ecosystem

Partner-developed industry solutions: Move toward open formats and the standardization of data for analytics and AI

From SI to ISV partners, Databricks’ partner ecosystem ensures you have the financial-specific solutions, data sources and tools you need to deliver innovation faster, cut costs and increase value from your data.


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The Data Intelligence Platform, built on lakehouse architecture, brings together disparate data sources, paired with best-in-class data and AI processing capabilities, and surrounds this with an ecosystem of financial service-specific Solution Accelerators and partners. Financial institutions can take advantage of the full power of all their data and deliver real-time decisions.

The Data Intelligence Platform is designed to give financial institutions the flexibility to adopt the capabilities they need to address their most pressing business needs — from driving real-time decisions to powering better experiences for customers to responding to regulators in a timely manner.