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LLMs for Customer Service and Support

Pre-built code, sample data and step-by-step instructions ready to go in a Databricks notebook

LLMS for customer service and support
LLMS for customer service and support

Elevating customer satisfaction with LLM-powered chatbots

With the advancements in large language models (LLMs), the integration of intelligent chatbots has emerged as a transformative force, offering agent-led customer service and support organizations unrivaled efficiency, scalability and personalized interactions. Using pretrained LLMs on the Databricks Lakehouse, organizations can:

  • Ingest enterprise data from various knowledge bases to build a context-enabled LLM-based chatbot

  • Augment human support teams by providing guidance that improves the speed, consistency and accuracy of their work

  • Accelerate ramp-up of new customer support agents

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