Data Provider Partner Program

Access the broad, open ecosystem of data consumers with Databricks

Databricks helps our Data Provider Partners monetize data assets to a large, open ecosystem of data consumers all from a single platform. Our partners can leverage the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to reach more customers, reduce cost and provide a best-in-class experience for all their data sharing needs.

Data Provider Partner benefits

Reach more consumers
Expanded reach to any data consumer from one open, secure platform
Better customer experience
Reduce setup and activation time for data consumers
Marketing support
Increased exposure through marketing support from Databricks
Technology for data products
Leverage the market-leading Lakehouse Platform for data, analytics and AI
Product and R&D team access
Access to Databricks product, engineering and support staff
Industry Solutions
Work with our industry teams to build industry-specific solutions designed for customer use cases

Delta Sharing for data providers

Databricks natively integrates with Delta Sharing, the world’s first open protocol for securely sharing data across organizations in real time, independent of the platform on which the data resides.

Delta Sharing is endorsed by a broad ecosystem

Open source clients

Commercial clients

Business intelligence



Data Vendors

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