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Discover how innovative companies across every industry are leveraging the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform for success

Adobe is using the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform to help bring creativity to life, with end-to-end data management that unifies all data and AI at scale for over 92 teams and with 20% faster performance.

Databricks Data Intelligence Platform

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Customer Story

AT&T democratizes data to prevent fraud, reduce churn and increase CLV

Databricks has helped AT&T accelerate AI across operations, including decreasing fraud by 70%–80%

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Customer story

Expanding access to the economy with data and AI

Block (Square, CashApp, Tidal) uses Databricks to deliver data + AI-driven financial services that facilitate access to economic opportunities for millions of businesses

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Customer Story

Burberry creates a more personalized shopping experience

Burberry sees a 99% reduction in latency for customer clickstream data with Databricks

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Customer Story

Driving into the future of electric transportation

Rivian uses Databricks to harness IoT streaming data insights from 25,000+ vehicles, delivering AI innovations to market faster and providing better experiences for drivers

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Customer Story

Delivering integrity and efficiency for the U.S. Postal Service

USPS OIG supports efficient postal service to millions with Databricks

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Walgreens personalizes pharmacy care to improve patient outcomes

Databricks helps Walgreens personalize patient experiences for over 825 million prescriptions filled annually

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The Data Team Effect

Data teams are the united force that are solving the world’s toughest problems.

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Customer Story

Customer Story

Learn how Databricks enables Condé Nast to deliver personalized content to its customers.



Learn how Apple and Disney+ unified analytics and AI for success



Hear about the role of data and AI in healthcare equity from the CDAO at Humana

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