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Credit Card Transactions Analytics

Pre-built code, sample data and step-by-step instructions ready to go in a Databricks notebook

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credit card transactions analytics

Merchant classification

Gain a 360-degree view into the customer to understand their spending behaviors, improve customer experiences and drive significant cross-sell opportunities.

  • Scale on the lakehouse to acquire, process, categorize and contextualize 1 billion card transaction data points

  • Extract customer insights from the contextual data passed from a merchant to a bank to boost card transaction authorization efficiency

  • Reduce manual effort and streamline operations with automation through machine learning

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Hyper-personalized customer experiences

Uncover actionable insights into customer preferences, behaviors and patterns to deliver highly tailored experiences or to prevent fraudulent activity.

  • Classify card transaction data with clear brand information to unlock deeper customer insights

  • Leverage behavioral clustering to segment customers based on transactional patterns

  • Understand spending patterns using advanced techniques like graph analytics, matrix computation and natural language processing

  • Reduce the risk of financial losses for customers by identifying and flagging potentially fraudulent transactions

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Regularity of payments

Improve the financial health and well-being of customers while reducing the risk of financial losses for banks.

  • Extract information about the regularity of payments from card transaction data to help customers be more responsible in their payment practices

  • Detect fraudulent activities that may impact the regularity of payments, such as identity theft or unauthorized transactions

  • Leverage machine learning to automatically send notifications to customers about upcoming payments

  • Estimate customer income to feed back into KYC processes

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