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Intelligent analytics for real-world data

AI-first BI, native to your data platform

Databricks AI/BI is a new type of business intelligence product built to democratize analytics and insights for anyone in your organization. Powered by data intelligence, AI/BI understands your unique data and business concepts by capturing signals from across your Databricks estate, continuously learning and improving to accurately answer your questions.

AI/BI features two complementary capabilities: Dashboards and Genie. Dashboards provide a low-code experience to help analysts quickly build highly interactive data visualizations for their business teams using natural language, and Genie allows business users to converse with their data to ask questions and self-serve their own analytics.

Databricks AI/BI is native to the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, providing instant insights at massive scale while ensuring unified governance and fine-grained security are maintained across the entire organization.

“At T-Mobile, we have leveraged AI/BI to democratize access to critical datasets across our business. It empowers our users, even without SQL expertise, to independently analyze information and trends through natural language queries.”

— Arvind Krishnamoorthy, Senior Data Scientist, T-Mobile
T Mobile

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Intelligent analytics

Powered by AI that understands your real-world data and business semantics, and continuously improves through real-time user feedback.

Unified governance and security

Unified governance and security

With Unity Catalog integration, easily manage access controls and policies. Maintain a single, connected audit trail from source data to dashboard.

Instant insights at scale

Instant insights at scale

Experience maximum query efficiency with BI that lives on your data platform — no need to sacrifice performance for scale.

Data visualizations.

Quickly generate elegant visualizations with Dashboards

AI/BI Dashboards make it easy to create and iterate on visualizations with natural language through AI-assisted authoring. Dashboards offer standard data visualization capabilities including sleek charts, interactions such as cross-filtering, periodic snapshots via email, embedding and more. And they live side by side with your data, delivering instant load and rapid interactive analysis — no matter the data or user scale.

“Dashboards allow us to quickly generate and distribute insights from the same platform where our data already resides — no additional connections or extractions to configure.”

— Nick Crnkovich, Analytics Enablement Lead, Block

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A conversational experience for your business teams

Use Genie to converse with your data

For every new question your dashboard inspires, there’s an AI-powered Genie that lets you drill deeper to understand the “why.” Genie is a powerful conversational experience that lets business teams engage with their data through natural language. Leveraging generative AI tailored to your organization’s unique terminology and data, Genie continuously improves through user feedback, enabling quick, relevant, accurate answers directly from your enterprise data.

“At SEGA, we are using Genie to assist decision-makers around the organization by allowing them to ask ad hoc questions in real time about sales and player behavior without having to depend on our data experts to construct dashboards and queries.”

— Felix Baker, Head of Data Services, SEGA Europe

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Experience analytics built for real-world data

Experience analytics built for real-world data

AI/BI is built on a compound AI system architecture, allowing it to automatically understand data structures, associated comments, usage patterns and lineage. AI/BI does not require perfect data or complete pre-modeling to work with messy real-world data. Instead, it adapts to your unique data through usage-based self-improvement and iterative human feedback.

Maintain integrated governance and data lineage

Maintain integrated governance and data lineage

Since AI/BI draws upon the centralized data governance policies established in Unity Catalog, it’s easy to manage access controls and maintain complete lineage from source data to final insight. That means users can easily understand the impact of upstream changes to data pipelines on dashboards while ensuring insights and visualizations are secure by default.

Collaboration user interface

Collaborate and share with ease

Dashboards are optimized for simple, secure sharing. Dashboard owners can securely share with anyone in the organization without providing full workspace access or procuring a license.

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