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Databricks Notebooks

Unified developer experience to build data and AI projects

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Databricks Notebooks simplify building data and AI projects through a fully managed and highly automated developer experience. Notebooks work natively with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to help data practitioners start quickly, develop with context-aware tools and easily share results.

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Seamless integration

Start your work without needing to set up and configure your workspace. Notebooks come with native features for the entire data journey in one place. You can access data, compute and visualization tools without additional setup so you can focus on analyzing your data.

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Lakehouse-aware tools

Spend time on insights, not on boilerplate code. Notebooks tap into information about your data including lineage, related tables and popularity to surface suggestions relevant to your work. Notebooks include Databricks Assistant, a context-aware AI assistant that lets you query data through a conversational interface to make you more productive.

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Collaborative workspace

Work together to create and share projects in one place with the whole data team. Store markdown comments and code in multiple languages in Notebooks to share important context with others. See usage logs and forks on reports to understand how the analysis is being consumed.

Develop Like a Pro in Databricks Notebooks

Watch the breakout session “Develop Like a Pro in Databricks Notebooks” from Data + AI Summit 

You will learn:

  • How we’re bringing Lakehouse and Unity Catalog metadata into your authoring flows
  • A new editor that introduces programming ergonomic improvements from your favorite IDEs
  • About the modern UX changes to improve the Notebooks experience


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