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Databricks is excited to launch its training program, starting with a series of hands-on Apache Spark workshops designed by the team that started the Spark research project at UC Berkeley that later became Apache Spark.

The first workshop, Introduction to Apache Spark, establishes the fundamentals of using Spark for data exploration, analysis, and building big data applications. This one day workshop is hands-on, covering topics such as: interactively working with Spark's core APIs, learning the key concepts of big data, deploying applications on common Hadoop distributions, and unifying data pipelines with SQL, Streaming, and Machine Learning.

Workshops are currently scheduled in New York, San Jose, Austin, and Chicago, with workshops in more cities to come. Visit Databricks' training page to find more information and please leave feedback there if you'd like to see a workshop in your area.

Databricks will continue to expand the curriculum and coverage area in the near future. Check back soon as we announce new workshops, or send feedback to [email protected].