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We're really excited to share that Automatic Labs has selected Databricks as its preferred big data processing platform.

Automatic Labs needed to run large and complex queries against their entire data set to explore and come up with new product ideas. Their prior solution using Postgres impeded the ability of Automatic’s team to efficiently explore data because queries took days to run and data could not be easily visualized, preventing Automatic Labs from bringing critical new products to market. They then deployed Databricks, our simple yet powerful unified big data processing platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and realized these key benefits:

  • Reduced time to bring product to market. Minimized the time to validate a product idea from months to days by speeding up the interactive exploration over Automatic’s entire data set, and completing queries in minutes instead of days.
  • Eliminated DevOps and non-core activities. Freed up one full-time data scientist from non-core activities such as DevOps and infrastructure maintenance to perform core data science activities.
  • Infrastructure savings. Realized savings of ten thousand dollars in one month alone on AWS costs due to the ability to instantly set up and tear-down Apache Spark clusters

With a mission to connect all cars on the road to the internet, Automatic Labs is now able to run large and complex production workloads with Databricks to explore new product ideas and bring them to market faster, such as custom driving reports, recommendations for users regarding fuel-efficient driving and more.

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