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We’re thrilled to share that Radius Intelligence has selected Databricks as its preferred big data processing platform, to deliver real-time insights in support of targeted marketing campaigns.

Press release:

Radius is a marketing intelligence platform that enables B2B marketers to acquire new customers intelligently. By matching customer intelligence data to Radius’ weekly-updated data set of 25 million businesses in the US, marketers can deploy targeted campaigns of greats leads — net-new and existing opportunities — to their instance. Radius provides two specific features, Segments and Insights, that use a combination of customer data and external data to allow CMOs to predict their future marketing and campaign success. On a daily basis, Radius processes billions of data points from customers and external data sources.Previously, Radius used Amazon Elastic MapReduce to process data which hampered team effectiveness, code maintainability, and ability to test new methods. Radius then chose Apache Spark for their data processing framework to maximize throughput, maximize speed, and maximize engineer productivity. In order to fully harness the power of Apache Spark, Radius deployed Databricks to maintain their Spark infrastructure and to provide additional critical data processing components on top of Spark.

Since implementing Spark on Databricks, Radius’ core data index build now takes a few hours compared to more than a day with a MapReduce based system. Databricks has enabled the Radius teams to work together — data scientists and data engineers — on difficult problems that require a combination of quality development and the scientific method. The process of testing hypothesis now can be done in a matter of minutes and in real-time rather than over the course of days.

Since implementing  Databricks, Radius has seen the following company-wide benefits:

  • Dramatic increase in overall team effectiveness
  • Improved codebase maintainability
  • Focus on data science instead of performance optimizations