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We are thrilled to announce that Timeful chose Databricks to enable intelligent time management with data analytics.

Timeful helps its users manage their time better by tracking commitments, categorizing to-do list items and assisting in the development of good lifestyle habits. Deployed as an application on smart phones devices, Timeful utilizes machine learning to recommend a personalized scheduled based on previous behavior, availability, and preferences.

The Timeful team relies heavily on data analytics to improve product design and monitor the personalized schedule recommendations. Both of these data analytics tasks proved to be challenging in Timeful’s environment because Timeful stores its data in multiple Postgres databases, which proved to be too slow and cumbersome for Timeful's needs.

Utilizing Databricks as a centralized, high-performance data processing platform, Timeful was able to overcome the limitations imposed by multiple Postgres databases. The speed and simplicity of Databricks enabled the continuous monitoring of Timeful's production systems while providing an easy way to access and explore terabyte scale production data for non-engineers.

As a result of deploying Databricks, Timeful gained a number of benefits:

  • Improved key metrics monitoring by processing the entire production data set instead of sampling subsets
  • More effective data-driven product design in a much shorter cycle
  • Redirect one FTE in data analytics to focus on problem solving instead of data analysis for other teams

Download this case study learn more about how Timeful is using Databricks.