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It's a Wrap! A Lookback at Spark Summit in Amsterdam

Scott Walent
Jen Aman
Dave Wang

November 6, 2015 in Company Blog

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spark summit eu keynote photo

The Databricks team would like to thank the Apache Spark community and our partners for making the inaugural Spark Summit EU 2015 a great success! The Summit was a sold out event with close to 930 attendees from over 40 countries and 330 companies. Amongst the attendees, over 400 individuals took part in three different training courses in topics ranging from Spark fundamentals to data science.

The excitement, momentum, and energy was unmistakable. It goes without saying that we are fortunate to have the best developers, engineers, and partners taking this journey with us.

Day 1 Highlights

What a way to kick off Spark Summit EU 2015 - Matei Zaharia, the creator of Spark gave an inspiring keynote on the evolution of Spark over the past year. Picking up on the theme of evolution, the CEO of Databricks - Ion Stoica - shared a vision of Spark becoming the unifying force behind data sources and data processing in the Enterprise. The other keynotes echoed Ion’s sentiment, a notable example is from Goldman Sachs on how Spark is playing an increasingly important role within their organization.

Slides from the keynotes and a sample of the talks from Day 1:

Day 2 Highlights

On the second day, keynote speakers dove into the different facets of the diverse Spark ecosystem. Day 2’s sessions further reinforced the momentum and commitment of the growing community.

Slides from the keynotes and a sample of the talks from Day 2:

The video and slides from the event has been posted on the Spark Summit website.

The next Summit is already rapidly approaching – the call for presentations for Spark Summit in New York City (Feb 16-18, 2016) is already open. Submit your ideas now!

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