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Findify and Databricks

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We are happy to announce that Findify has deployed Databricks as its machine learning and analytics platform, achieving faster time to complete projects, more efficient operations, and improved collaboration.

You can read the press release here.

Findify’s mission is to create frictionless online shopping experiences which lead to satisfied, loyal customers and an increase in revenue. By utilizing advanced machine learning techniques, Findify’s Smart Search continuously improves its accuracy as users use the service.

Findify needed a data platform to run the machine learning algorithms central to their Smart Search capabilities. Their development process was hampered by difficult-to-maintain custom code and complicated workflows to ensure that their data infrastructure remained operational, such as:

  • Devoting substantial DevOps time and resources to cluster and job maintenance.
  • Building an additional logic layer for the execution and failure logic of their jobs.
  • Difficulty iterating through machine learning models because they could not effectively share information across a globally distributed team.

Databricks enabled Findify to effortlessly manage Apache Spark clusters, access their data, collaboratively develop machine learning algorithms, and present their findings in a single platform. With the Databricks integrated workspace, the Findify team was able to:

  • Complete their feature development projects faster and reduce customer frustration in delayed analytics because they could focus on development instead of infrastructure.
  • Focus on building innovative features because the managed Spark platform eliminated time spent on DevOps and infrastructure issues.
  • Collaborate amongst their globally distributed team more effectively, which enabled them to iterate and visualize their results faster than before.

As a result of deploying Databricks, Findify is able to focus less on DevOps and more on employing machine learning to improve their innovative Smart Search engine.

“Databricks reduced our DevOps time on the Spark platform to almost zero. We don’t worry about failures, restarts, capacity, etc. It just works.” – Meni Morim, Co-founder and CEO at Findify

Download this case study to learn more about how Findify is using Databricks.

To try out Databricks for yourself, sign-up for a 14-day free trial today!