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Last week, we held a live webinar – GraphFrames: DataFrame-based graphs for Apache Spark – to give an overview, a live demo, and a discussion of design decisions and future plans of the new GraphFrames library. The webinar included content for people just getting started with Apache Spark, as well as seasoned experts. The webinar started with a recap of major improvements from GraphX, and providing resources for getting started. A running example of analyzing flight delays was shown to illustrate the range of GraphFrame functionality: simple SQL and graph queries, motif finding, and powerful graph algorithms.For the experts, this talk included a few technical details on design decisions, the current implementation, and ongoing work on speed and performance optimizations.

The webinar is accessible on-demand. Its slides and sample notebooks are also downloadable as attachments to the webinar. Join the Databricks Community Edition beta to get free access to Spark and try out the notebooks.

We have answered the common questions raised by webinar viewers below. If you have additional questions, please check out the Databricks Forum.

Common webinar questions and answers

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