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The Apache Spark community had quite the year in 2016. It has maintained its billing as the largest and most active open source community in big data, with over 1300 contributors from 250+ organizations. And Spark Summit, the largest gathering of Spark enthusiasts, drew over 6000 attendees across three events. To satisfy this ongoing thirst to learn more about Spark, we hit the road with an eight city road show called Spark Live — designed exclusively for data analytics, technology, and business professionals who want to learn how to leverage the power of Apache Spark and Databricks to simplify data processing and make their transformative use cases a reality.

In partnership with premier sponsor Intel and regional sponsors such as Redis Labs, Basho, Lockheed Martin, and AWS; we shared industry insights, discussions on how to deploy Spark in the enterprise, the roadmap for both Spark and Databricks, live product demos and a full afternoon of hands-on training.

Packed house at Spark Live!

The level of interest was phenomenal as we made our way across the country hitting Hanover, Los Angeles, Reston, Austin, New York, Boston, Chicago, and Seattle. Across the eight cities, we had over 1200 attendees across a range of roles including data scientists, engineers, architects, and executives. Out of those 1200 attendees, we delivered free Spark training to over 1000 people from some of the largest and innovative organizations in the world including, Amgen, Disney, and the National Football League (NFL) just to name a few.

What’s Next for 2017?

Databricks Spark Live 2017 Tour

Due to the enthusiasm and positive feedback from this year’s Spark Live tour, we will be hitting the road again in 2017 to continue our mission of bringing Spark to the masses. This time, we’ll be hitting more cities around the world including Atlanta, Austin, Hanover, London, Los Angeles, New York, Reston, San Jose, Seattle, Sydney, and Toronto! We’ll also be improving the agenda with more hands-on training with new courseware.

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