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On May 16, we held our monthly Bay Area Apache Spark Meetup (BASM) at SalesforceIQ in Palo Alto.

In all, we had three Apache Spark related talks: two from Salesforce’s Data Engineering and Machine Learning team, and one from Databricks’ Apache Spark Structured Streaming team.

For those who missed the meetup, below are all the videos and links to the presentation slides. You can peruse slides and view the videos at your leisure. To those who helped and attended, thank you for participating and continued community support.

Dependency Injection in Apache Spark Applications

View the slides here

Identifying Pricing Request Emails Using Apache Spark and Machine Learning

View the slides here

Arbitrary Stateful Aggregations in Structured Streaming in Apache Spark

View the slides here

What's Next

Our next BASM will be held on the eve of the 10th Spark Summit on June 5. You don’t have to be registered for the Spark Summit to attend the meetup, so RSVP Now!

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