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Spark + AI Summit will be held in San Francisco on June 4-6, 2018. Check out the full agenda and get your ticket before it sells out! Register today with the discount code 5Reasons and get 15% off.

Convergence of Knowledge

For any Apache Spark enthusiast, these summits are the convergence of Spark knowledge. Used by a growing global community of enterprises, academics, contributors, and advocates, attendees have convened at these summits since 2013 to share knowledge. And this summer attendees will return to San Francisco—to an expanded scope and agenda.

Expansion of Scope

Today, unified analytics is paramount for building big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. Because AI applications require massive amounts of data to enhance and train machine learning models at scale, so far Spark has been the only engine that combines large-scale data processing with the execution of state-of-the-art machine learning and AI algorithms in a unified manner.

So we have changed the name and expanded the scope of the summit to focus on and bring to you AI use cases and machine learning technology.

"AI has always been one of the most exciting applications of big data and Apache Spark, so with this change, we are planning to bring in keynotes, talks and tutorials about the latest tools in AI in addition to the great data engineering and data science content we already have”
— Matei Zaharia.

For this expanded scope and much more, here are my five reasons as a program chair why you should join us.

1. Keynotes from Distinguished Engineers, Academics and Industry Leaders

Distinguished engineers and academics (Matei Zaharia, Dominique Brezinski, Dawn Song, and Michael I. Jordan) and visionary industry leaders (Ali Ghodsi, Marc Andreessen, and Andrej Karpathy) in the big data and AI industries will share their vision of where Apache Spark and AI are heading in 2018 and beyond.

2. Five New Tracks

To support our expanded scope, we have added five tracks to cover AI and Use Cases, Deep Learning Techniques, Python and Advanced Analytics, Productionizing Machine Learning Models, and Hardware in the Cloud. Combined with all other tracks, all these sessions will provide you with over 180 talks to choose from. And if you miss any sessions, peruse the recorded sessions on summit website later.

3. Apache Spark Training

Update your skills and get the best training from Databricks’ best trainers, who have trained over 3,600 summit attendees. A day dedicated to training, you can choose from four courses and stay abreast with the latest in Spark 2.3 and Deep Learning: Data Science with Apache Spark; Understand and Apply Deep Learning with Keras, TensorFlow, and Apache Spark; Apache Spark Tuning and Best Practices; and Apache Spark Essentials. Depending on your preference, you can choose to register for each class on either AWS or Azure cloud. Plus, we will offer half-day Databricks Developer Certification for Apache Spark prep course after which you can sit for the exam on the same day. Get Databricks Certified!

4. The Bay Area Apache Spark Meetup

Apache Spark Meetups are reputed for tech-talks. At summits’ meetups, you learn what other Spark developers from all over are up to, mingle and enjoy the beverages and camaraderie in an informal setting, and ask burning questions.

5. City By The Bay

San Francisco is a city famed for its restaurants, cable cars, hills, Golden Gate Bridge, and vibrant nightlife. Take a breather after days of cerebral sessions, chill out at the Fisherman’s Wharf, visit MOMA, and much more...

We hope to you see you in San Francisco!

What's Next

With only less than six weeks left, tickets are selling fast. If you haven’t yet, register today with the discount code 5Reasons and get 15% off.