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In a world of rapidly changing products, companies investing in technology need well-trained experts to run it. Certifications are a key differentiator in a competitive job market because they validate your skills and expertise while keeping you relevant. In fact, certifications may impact career growth more than degrees, since business leaders perceive them as more valuable in developing careers than college courses.

Why get certified by Databricks?

Apache SparkTM was the first Unified Analytics engine to unify data (data engineering) with AI (data science). Since Apache Spark has become the de-facto data processing and AI engine in enterprises today, the Databricks certification keeps you up to date with the latest enhancements in the Spark ecosystem. This is important because Glassdoor listed 2,984 Spark Developer Jobs as of July 17, 2018 in the United States alone; an increase of over 100% since 2017.

As a Databricks Certified Developer, you become an integral part of the growing Spark developer community with your credentials, while meeting global standards to ensure compatibility between Spark application and distributions. All this means more satisfying and more rewarding work for you.

Ali Ghodsi, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Databricks indicates, “While there are plenty of opportunities to learn and gain practical working knowledge of Apache Spark, companies prefer to hire candidates who have a certification on Apache Spark. Start your career in big data analytics by registering for the Databricks Developer Certification - built and tested by the industry experts.”

Supporting your success.

Whether you prefer a testing center or an online test, Databricks has you covered. Databricks partners with Kryterion, the leader in certification delivery, to give you options: visit a test center or test remotely. Go to one of 1,400 high quality testing facilities world-wide, or complete exams in the privacy of your home or office using a webcam and internet connection to connect with certified proctors.

Databricks also provides flexible options for preparing for the exam. Take instructor-led courses or the new self-paced courses to dive into the Apache Spark ecosystem, and then leverage an informative eBook to guide you to certification success. You can now take classes delivered by Databricks Authorized Training Partners across North America, Europe, and South America. See the public course catalog for listings near you.

Attending Spark + AI Summit?

Take the exam at any of the Databricks Spark + AI events around the world. At the recent Spark + AI Summit in San Francisco, California, nearly 100 developers took the opportunity to attend a half-day certification prep-course and then sat for the exam in person. Up next is the Europe Summit, held this coming October in London. By taking a few extra hours at the next Spark + AI, you could leave a Databricks Certified Developer.

It’s time to move your career forward. Everything you need to know about the Databricks Developer Certification on Apache Spark is available here.

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