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As part of the organizing committee and program chairs for this summit, we are delighted to share two achievements with you. First, we have published a preliminary agenda for the Spark + AI Summit in San Francisco on April 23-25, 2019, comprising of 12 technical tracks, with 100+ breakout sessions, on data and AI across verticals.

Second, we have added a new technical track called Databricks Tech Talks. Aimed at sharing with the data engineers and data scientists how to use unified analytics to develop deep learning and machine learning applications, build end-to-end robust ETL pipelines with Structured Streaming and Databricks Delta, advanced Apache Spark features, and much more, our engineers will share their expert knowledge. You can learn from them how to implement scalable solutions spanning many verticals.

Additionally, here is what you can gain and garner from popular tracks at the summit:

  • Developer: How developers use unified analytics with Apache Spark or extend Spark libraries and APIs.
  • Use Cases: How Uber, Facebook, Lyft, Salesforce, Apple, CapitalOne, Netflix, Tencent etc., use unified analytics at scale and extend Spark’s ecosystem.
  • Deep Dives: Immerse yourself into code, architecture, algorithms, and how-tos in this 1-hour tech sessions.
  • Productionizing Machine Learning: Listen to best practices of machine learning: from development and training of models to deployment and monitoring in production.
  • Data Science: Find out how data scientists use algorithms to derive insight from data and AI
  • AI Uses Cases: Find out real-world AI use cases of advanced analytics that derive business value.
  • Deep Learning Techniques: Take away the latest knowledge of deep learning frameworks and how to use them.

And finally, for the first time, we are offering a $700 discount for the early bird, so make this your Spark moment and seize it. Register now!

We hope to see you next year!

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