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Here at Databricks, we are excited to participate in the first Snowflake Summit as a Diamond Partner. The event takes place June 3-6 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square and is another great opportunity to share how Databricks and Snowflake have partnered together to provide:

  • Massively scalable data pipelines. Pipelines running on Databricks can combine batch and streaming data and are up to 100x faster than OSS Apache Spark, lowering your total cost of ownership.
  • High scale concurrent access to data. Data is written to Snowflake, the Data Warehouse for the cloud where it can be accessed at high concurrency for BI, reporting and visualization tools.
  • Powerful machine learning insights. Databricks, a Unified Analytics Platform, can access data in Snowflake to run machine learning jobs, and write the results back into Snowflake. Data analysts can access those machine learning results for deeper insights and better decisions.

The Snowflake Summit is full of customer presentations to hear and learn from, with three sessions featuring joint Databricks and Snowflake customers.  Check these out to see our customers speak directly about their results:

  • Chesapeake Energy is augmenting real-time IOT streams with machine learning techniques to explore historical IOT data (Tuesday June 4th 1.55-2.15 PM PDT)
  • Talroo migrated from MySQL to Snowflake and Databricks with impressive results. They automated data pipelines and saw a 10x improvement in their volume of machine learning insights (Tuesday June 4th 2.30-3.15 PM PDT)
  • ShopRunner automated data pipelines to feed Snowflake and drive machine learning with Databricks. Their machine learning results drive a retail recommendation engine that can visually match and suggest apparel (Tuesday June 4th 3:30pm-4:15pm PM PDT)

We look forward to seeing you at Snowflake Summit.  Please stop our Booth #D2 to see examples of the integration between the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform and Snowflake.