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Azure Databricks Now Generally Available in the Azure China Region

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We are excited to announce that Azure Databricks is now generally available in Microsoft’s Azure China region, enabling new data and AI use cases with fast, reliable and scalable data processing, analytics, data science and machine learning on the cloud. With availability across more than 30 Azure regions, global organizations appreciate the consistency, ease of use and collaboration enabled by Azure Databricks.

Helping customers and partners scale with global availability

Organizations need a consistent set of cloud services across their global operations and customers looking to migrate on-premises big data workloads from a data center to the cloud frequently need a local Microsoft Azure region to meet data residency and data sovereignty requirements. Azure China is a sovereign cloud in mainland China that meets a high bar of security and compliance requirements. Azure Databricks helps customers deploy and scale batch and streaming data processing, simplify analytics and data science and implement machine learning in a way that is consistent and collaborative.

Now, with Azure Databricks general availability in Azure China, organizations that operate in China can leverage the same enterprise-grade service and collaborative notebooks in the region as well. From retail recommendations and financial services risk analysis to improved diagnostics in healthcare and life sciences, Azure Databricks enables data teams of all sizes and across industries to innovate more quickly and more collaboratively on the cloud.

“Azure Databricks enables our data engineering and data science teams to deliver results even faster than ever. Scalable data processing and machine learning enable our teams to quickly adapt to shifts in consumer demand and buying behavior,” says Kevin Zeng, Greater China IT CTO at Procter & Gamble. “The availability of Azure Databricks in China enables our global teams to provide a consistent experience for our customers in the region.”

You can learn more about Azure Databricks general availability in the Azure China region by visiting the Azure Products by Region page. Learn more about what you need to consider before moving your workloads to the Azure China region with Microsoft’s Azure China checklist and for questions please reach out to the team through Azure Support.

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