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More than 200,000 individuals have participated in Databricks' certification and training over the past four years, including thousands of partners. In the past year alone, over 75,000 individuals have been trained and over 1,500 customers and partners have also earned their Databricks Academy Certifications. Today, we are pleased to announce new digital badges so you can share your accomplishments with your network!

The need for continuous learning

As we meet with customers and partners at virtual events and support them on proofs of concept (POCs) and production deployments, one of the most common requests is for training to help them innovate even faster. We are frequently asked for more certification programs and accreditation options to help data teams get started quickly and increase the depth of their knowledge and expertise with specific skills.

Databricks digital badges are now available

We are pleased to now offer digital badges for customers and partners. Digital badges are a great way to showcase your knowledge and experience with Databricks across a range of skill levels and competencies.

Databricks digital badge collections
Databricks digital badge collections are available today

Skill up your team

As your team starts their data + AI journey with Databricks, they receive digital badges that can be shared on social media and in email signatures with a link to a website to validate their progress. As your team expands their knowledge and gains more experience, they can receive digital badges that reflect their growing skillset.

The Databricks Academy Accreditation digital badge for Databricks Unified Data Analytics Essentials
The Databricks Academy Accreditation digital badge for Databricks Unified Data Analytics Essentials

Partner training, certification and digital badging

Databricks partners are critical to help organizations understand the business value of Databricks and effectively deliver customer solutions. We are pleased to announce that partners can now earn digital badges to showcase their skills as they complete Databricks training and certification. Digital badges make it easy for customers to see which partners have the capabilities they need to implement their vision with Databricks-powered data and AI solutions.

The Partner Training digital badge for Azure Databricks Developer Essentials
The Partner Training digital badges for Databricks Developer Essentials and Azure Databricks Developer Essentials

Partner Champions

Partners who go above and beyond can be nominated to receive additional recognition as Databricks Partner Champions. Partner Champions are nominated by active Databricks partners for significant contributions to the community and if selected become part of our extended team. They lead and support the solution architecture activities and oversee delivery of their Databricks practice.

The digital badges for Databricks Partner Champions
The digital badges for Databricks Partner Champions

In addition to the unique digital badge to share on social media and e-mail signatures, Databricks Partner Champions receive a Champion’s jacket with the Champion Badge on the sleeve.

Databricks Partner Champion jacket
Databricks Partner Champion jacket

Earn your digital badges

Visit Databricks Academy and (for registered Partners) the Partner portal to learn how you can get started on your learning journey and check out the Databricks digital badges available today. If you have completed a Databricks partner training course, watch your inbox for instructions on how to claim your digital badge, as we reach out to past participants.