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Download our guide to Manufacturing at Data + AI Summit to help plan your Summit experience.

Data + AI Summit is the global event for the data community, where 100,000 practitioners, leaders and visionaries come together to engage in thought-provoking discussions and dive into the latest innovations in data and AI. For those in manufacturing and distribution, this will be an opportunity to learn from industry leaders about how they are using AI to create resilient, yet efficient, supply chains; meet sustainability and yield goals through a smart factory; and anticipate and meet customer demand during volatile times.

At this year’s Data + AI Summit, we’re excited to announce a full agenda of sessions for data teams in the manufacturing & distribution industry. Leading innovators from across the industry – including Rolls-Royce, John Deere, Henkel, Thyssen Kruppe and ExxonMobil – are joining us to share how they are using data to transform their businesses into Equipment-as-a-Service, leveraging IoT and unstructured real-time data for predictive maintenance and develop the shop floors of tomorrow.

Manufacturing & Distribution Industry Forum

Join us on May 26 for our capstone Manufacturing & Distribution industry event as leaders in the industry engage in a panel discussion on the future of manufacturing and how organizations can thrive during even the most turbulent times with data and AI. John Deere will kick off with a keynote address around how they are leading the charge as a smart industrial company through precision agriculture, helping their customers increase yields applying AI to the millions of data points generated every day from their machines around the world.

Manufacturing & distribution tech talks

Here’s an overview of some of our most highly anticipated sessions at this year’s summit:


  • Manipulating Geospatial Data at Massive Scale (John Deere): In this talk, John Deere will describe some of their data engineering methods for efficiently ingesting and processing petabytes of agriculture data from customers’ farms across the globe to enable their data scientists to perform geospatial analyses.
  • Analytics-enabled Experiences: The New Secret Weapon (Steelcase):  Hear how Steelcase, the world’s largest office furniture manufacturer, is applying product application analytics to make offices safer in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.
  • NLP-focused Applied ML at Scale for Global Fleet Analytics (ExxonMobile): The data team from ExxonMobil will discuss how they leverage Databricks to perform machine learning to ingest structured and unstructured data from legacy systems, and then sift through millions of records to extract insights using NLP. The insights enable outlier identification, capacity planning, prioritization of cost reduction opportunities and the discovery process for cross-functional teams.
  • Delivering Insights from 20M+ Smart Homes with 500M+ Devices (Plume Design, Inc): This is a story of how Plume Design, a SaaS-based company that delivers smart home experience management, scaled their data processing and boosted team productivity to meet demand for insights from 20M+ Smart Homes and 500M+ devices across the globe, from numerous internal business teams and our 150+ CSP partners.

Check out the full list of manufacturing & distribution talks at Summit.

For practitioners: hands-on demos and expert discussions

Join us for live demos of the hottest data analysis use cases in the manufacturing and distribution industry, including demand forecasting and safety stock analysis. You’ll be able to ask questions to our expert data scientists from the industry. Link coming soon.

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