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Download our guide to Retail at Data + AI Summit to help plan your Summit experience.


Data + AI Summit is the global event for the data community, where global100,000 practitioners, leaders and visionaries come together to engage in thought-provoking dialogue and share the latest innovations in data and AI.

At this year’s Data + AI Summit, we’re excited to announce a full agenda of sessions for data teams in the Retail & Consumer Goods (CPG) industry. Leading innovators from across the industry - including Apple, H&M, Albertsons, Mars, Reckitt, Walmart Labs, Anheuser-Busch and Stitch Fix - are joining us to share how they are using data to innovate the shopping and supply-chain experience.

Retail & Consumer Goods Keynotes

Sol Rashidi, Chief Analytics Officer at Estée Lauder.
Sol Rashidi, CAO, Estée Lauder

On our main stage, we have Sol Rashidi, Chief Analytics Officer at Estée Lauder. With 7 patents and voted “50 Most Powerful Women in Tech” and” Top 100 Innovators in Data & Analytics,”, Sol has been in the data and analytics space before it became “‘cool’.” Her ability to articulate and communicate complex disciplines into non-complex concepts for the business has always invited her to sit with the business, having her teams bridge the gap and codify the partnership between IT & Business.

Also on the main stage keep a lookout for Patrick Bagniski, a data science and machine learning leader from McDonald’s.

Retail & CPG Industry Forum

Join us on Thursday, May 27 at 11 am PT  for our capstone Retail & CPG event at Data + AI Summit, which will feature thought leaders from some of the biggest global brands. Hear firsthand how they are unlocking the power of data + AI in novel and different ways. With an inpsiring panel of data and AI leaders from H&M, Mars, and Albertsons you will walk away with new ideas and insights to act on!



Errol Koolmeister, Head of AI FoundationColleen Qiu, VP, Head of Data ScienceDeepak Jose, Head of Business Strategy and Analytics
Errol Koolmeister,
Head of AI Foundation
Colleen Qiu,
VP, Head of Data Science
Deepak Jose,
Head of Business
Strategy and Analytics
h&m logoColleen Qiu, VP, Head of Data ScienceDeepak Jose, Head of Business Strategy and Analytics


Alberto Rossi,
Global Head of
Retail Data & Analytics
Robert Barham
Director of Data


Retail & CPG Tech Talks

Here’s an overview of some of our most highly anticipated Retail & CPG sessions at this year’s summit:

Structured Streaming Use-Cases at Apple

Kristine Guo & Liang-Chi Hsieh, Apple

In response to tremendous streaming requirements, Apple has actively worked on developing structured streaming in Apache Spark in the past few months. In this talk, Kristine Guo and Liang-Chi Hsieh will detail some of the issues that arose when applying structured streaming and what was done to address them.

Weekday Demand Sensing at Walmart

John Bowman, Walmart Labs

Walmart Labs will discuss its innovative, cloud-agnostic, scalable platform built m to improve Walmart’s ability to predict customer demand while optimizing in-stocks and reducing food waste.

Modularized ETL Writing with Apache Spark

Neelesh Salian, Stitch Fix

The talk will focus on ETL writing in Stitch Fix and how these modules that help their Data Scientists on a daily basis. Having these modules at the time of writing data allows cleaning, validation and testing of data prior to entering the Data Warehouse, relieving Stitch Fix, programmatically, of most of its data problems.

Building A Product Assortment Recommendation Engine

Ethan Dubois & Justin Morse, Anheuser Busch (AB)

The ability of retailers and brewers to provide optimal product assortments for their consumers has become a key business goal. Regional heterogeneities and massive product portfolios combine to scale the complexity of assortment selection. This talk will discuss how AB InBev approaches this problem with collaborative filtering and robust optimization techniques to recommend a set of products that enhance retailer revenue and product market share.

Check out the full list of Retail & CPG talks at Summit.

Demos on Popular Data + AI Use Case in Retail & CPG

Join us for live demos on the hottest data analysis use cases in the Retail & CPG industry:

Fine-Grained Time Series Forecasting at ScaleSegmentation in the Age of PersonalizationPersonalizing CX with Recommendations
Learn how retailers & manufacturers are cost-effectively generating millions of item- and& location-specific forecasts on a daily basis.Explore a structured approach to building and analyzing segments that enable the organization to effectively engage their customers.Explore how recommenders can be used in a variety of ways to deliver personalized customer experiences.

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