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Jump Start Your Data Projects with Pre-Built Solution Accelerators

Hector Leano
Bryan Smith
Rob Saker
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Deliver value faster.

We hear this theme in nearly every executive discussion with customers. Data teams and data leaders need to deliver value in weeks, not months or years. The business climate is volatile, and they don’t have the luxury of long project timelines to deliver data and analytic capabilities designed to drive business value, such as increased revenues or decreased costs.

At the same time, data teams often face resource constraints like the lack of in-house experts in Python or Scala or even a broader lack of deep data science expertise. Additionally, data teams need to find special “unicorns” that have not just the technical skills, but also the domain knowledge to understand the nuances of the industry dynamics (for example, regulatory constraints) being solved.

Even with the right talent, data teams will often need to spend weeks or months researching, building the back-end data pipelines to serve their models, developing the models, and then optimizing the code for a proof of concept (POC). This lag from identifying the need, working through potential solutions, finalizing an implementation and seeing results sucks up momentum from even the most important data science initiatives.

Our customers have asked for a more prescriptive approach based on best practices from our work spanning thousands of clients in various industries, from the largest household names to digital-native challenger brands, with the most demanding SLAs.

Meet the Databricks Solution Accelerators

To help our customers overcome these challenges, we’re proud to offer a rich portfolio of Solution Accelerators. Solution Accelerators is fully-functional pre-built code to tackle the most common and high-impact use cases that our customers are facing. Solution Accelerators are designed to help Databricks customers go from idea to POC in less than 2 weeks.

From its inception, Databricks has been focused on helping customers accelerate value through data science. To enable us to go deeper into specific domains, we’ve assembled a team of seasoned executives and experts in Retail & Manufacturing, Financial Services, Media & Communications and Healthcare & Life Sciences and are focusing these resources on tackling the most pressing use cases in each of these industries.

These teams are focused on the development of Solution Accelerators within their industries. Each Solution Accelerator is backed by extensive research on emerging and best practices, is fully optimized to take advantage of Databricks performance and includes additional enablement materials such as blogs, webinars and business value calculators that help customers consider how an implementation may impact their organization’s goals. These assets are made freely available to Databricks customers through our public blogs, industry-aligned webinars and engagement with local Databricks representatives.

Databricks Solution Accelerators vs. the traditional approach
The Databricks Solution Accelerators provide core analytics with modular design so you can focus on integration and customization for your business, delivering faster time to value for data teams by delivering a POC in

Solution Accelerators aren’t designed to be a one-size-fits all full solution. They’re accelerators. They can be extended with customer data, customized to specific business needs and integrated into processes. We’ve seen many customers begin with a Solution Accelerator POC, and bring a full solution to production several weeks following the POC.

Solution Accelerators now in market or coming soon

You can see all our accelerators at our Databricks Solution Accelerator hub.

Databricks is committed to continually adding to and updating these Solution Accelerators across industries.

Below are some explainers walking through a couple of our solutions now in market:

Additionally, we have several solutions dedicated specifically to Cloudera/Hadoop-to-Cloud Migration and Automated/Production Pipelines Migration going across industries.

Getting started:

If you’re ready to get started, visit the Databricks Solution Accelerator hub page to find all the relevant assets for your use case.

You can also contact your account team to:

  • Help implement fast POCs in your environment.
  • Perform business value assessments to support your business case.
  • Help with Databricks PS or third-party Sis for full implementation.

Or visit the Databricks Blog to get:

  • Full description of the problem, challenges, and approach.
  • Direct access to notebooks that you can load into your environment.
  • Learn about the latest new solution accelerator launches

You can also check out our events page to get the latest solution webinars to:

  • Walk-through of the business problem, challenges and impact.
  • Technical walk-through on implementing the solution.