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Hunters and Databricks Ventures Partner for Advanced Security on the Lakehouse

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Modern security teams must quickly detect, investigate and respond to threats to minimize their impact and better mitigate the risk to the organization. With the growth of modern IT infrastructure, organizations must process more data than ever before, across their entire environment. That requires an underlying data platform that can handle massive, diverse datasets at scale, with first-class streaming and machine learning capabilities at a predictable cost.

This is where the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, when combined with an industry-leading security operations center (SOC) platform like Hunters, becomes a key enabler of modern security use cases. The integrated solution transforms the visibility of a customer’s SOC into security events - on a unified, cloud-native platform across all data streams from the entire IT and security environment.

Hunters’ cloud-native SOC Platform is becoming the choice of modern security teams in the Fortune 500. Hunters’ customers have been looking to apply security analytics where the data resides - which is frequently in the customer’s data lake.

That’s why Databricks Ventures invested in Hunters’ Series C funding round to build a deeper partnership and tighter integration between Hunters and the Databricks Lakehouse. Modern security teams are increasingly turning to Hunters to solve security problems at scale, where legacy SIEM vendors or other data storage solutions are unable to keep up. Databricks has been very impressed with the Hunters team and the company’s traction among some of the most demanding enterprise customers. This deeper partnership will allow joint customers to gain a holistic picture into their security posture by combining both structured and unstructured datasets in Delta Lake, which will house a myriad of datasets from endpoint logs to firewalls to operational systems data. These combined Delta data sets can then be leveraged for analytical and machine learning workloads with a security lens.

Databricks is excited to be partnering closely with Hunters and enabling their SOC platform - and all Hunters and Databricks customers - to fully leverage the power of the Databricks Lakehouse platform. We look forward to additional announcements later this calendar year.

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