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Launching dbt Cloud in Databricks Partner Connect

Simplifying data transformation on the lakehouse
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We are delighted to announce that dbt Cloud, the fastest and most reliable way to build, manage and monitor dbt projects, is now available in Databricks Partner Connect. Users who want to use dbt's industry standard data transformation framework to transform data in their lakehouse can now connect Databricks to dbt Cloud with a few clicks, and even start a free trial if they do not have an existing account. They can develop, test, and deploy data models in dbt Cloud, while leveraging Photon-accelerated compute on Databricks which makes running data transformation workflows much faster than on legacy cloud data warehouses. We believe this latest integration, following on the heels of the recently announced native dbt-databricks adapter, makes Databricks the best place to build and productionize dbt projects.

Connect dbt Cloud to Databricks with a few clicks

Previously, connecting dbt Cloud to Databricks required multiple steps, including transferring credentials. Partner Connect lets you easily try and integrate partner offerings ranging from ingest, to ETL and ML/AI integrations into the lakehouse. Now, with Partner Connect, you have a seamless experience to try dbt Cloud with just a few clicks. This integration with Databricks will securely configure resources and set up dbt Cloud as well. You can run your first dbt models on Databricks in just a few minutes.

Once you have connected dbt Cloud with Databricks, you can use it to orchestrate SQL data pipelines, transforming raw data into model-ready data that can be used for downstream analytics and BI use cases.

Collaboratively develop in dbt Cloud

As your data team grows and dbt projects become more complex, you need to support CI/CD, monitor data models and receive alerts when things go wrong. dbt Cloud offers a collaborative IDE which is fully hosted and managed, allowing teams to onboard new members quickly without needing to manage infrastructure. dbt Cloud also offers turnkey support for CI/CD, robust version control, job scheduling, and testing as well as the ability to serve documentation and lineage. dbt Cloud generates standard SQL which runs on Databricks compute, including on SQL endpoints.

Databricks is a first class place to run dbt

We are excited about the power of dbt, and continue to add improvements which make the Databricks Lakehouse a great place to run dbt models. The Photon execution engine, only available on Databricks, automatically accelerates and improves SQL generated by dbt. This means your data models run faster and you don't need any additional code changes or optimizations. Furthermore, data teams can continue to use their existing access control and governance process when using dbt, making it more scalable and easier to maintain.

Take dbt Cloud for a spin

dbt Cloud is now available to try in Partner Connect at no additional cost. To learn more, sign up for a live, hands-on workshop on building a modern data stack with dbt and Databricks. We will walk you through a step-by-step guide to achieving scalable data transformation pipelines entirely from scratch. Or you can join us on slack: #db-databricks-and-spark.

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