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Data & AI skills are in demand like never before, and there is no better place to skill up than Databricks Academy, which offers a range of training and certification aimed at a variety of skillsets and technology interests.  Join us at the Data + AI Summit, June 27 - 30, live in San Francisco or free from anywhere, and benefit from 75% discount on Databricks certifications, in addition to 25% off training!

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What can you expect from these training programs? Hear from our community firsthand:

“Databricks training and certifications are best-in-class. Their hands-on, notebook-first approach has made learning the platform so much more digestible. Their training offers a great balance between concepts, architecture slides, and jumping right into actually implementing the solution on the platform. It’s the best way to learn!” - Luke Fore, ML Engineering Manager at Accenture 

"The data engineer certification from Databricks provided the foundation and know-how required before starting our development in Azure." - Jennifer Romero-Higgins, Principal Data Architect at American Airlines

Top five reasons to get certified at Summit:

  • Full slate of free and paid hands-on training workshops across the spectrum of data lakehouse technologies, from Delta Lake to Apache Spark™ programming to managing ML models with MLflow. 
  • Certification across job profiles, from data engineers and data scientists to platform administrators.

  • Data + AI Summit discounts, in-person or online, with 25% off training and 75% off certifications.
  • VIP treatment for certified professionals at the Summit, including dedicated seating at our keynote and invites to after parties and an exclusive AMA with community leaders.
  • Exclusive swag for certified professionals at the Summit - sneak peek below!

This final swag may be different than what’s on the image here

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