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Four Forces Driving Intelligent Manufacturing


Download our guide to Manufacturing Industry Sessions at the Data + AI Summit to help plan your Summit experience.

Data + AI Summit is fast approaching. Every year, data leaders, practitioners and visionaries from across the globe join Data + AI Summit to hear from Manufacturing, Logistics & Transportation, Energy and Technology peers and thought leaders about how they are leveraging data to speed products to market, improve operations, build agile supply chains and ultimately deliver higher return on capital invested (ROCI).

For data teams in the Manufacturing industry, we’re excited to announce a full agenda of Manufacturing sessions. Leaders from Corning, Honeywell, John Deere, Collins Aerospace, Fedex and Tredence will share how they are using data to improve access to data, predict failures using digital twins, democratize data, and power innovation with real-world data.

Manufacturing Industry Forum

Join us on Wednesday, June 29th at 3:30pm PT for our Manufacturing Forum. During our capstone event, you’ll have the opportunity to join keynote and panel discussions with data analytics and AI leaders on the most pressing topics in the Manufacturing industry. Here’s a rundown of what attendees will get to explore:

Muthu Sabarethinamn, Vice President, Enterprise Analytics & IT at Honeywell
In this keynote, Muthu Sabarethinamn, Vice President, Enterprise Analytics & IT at Honeywell will share his perspectives on three imperatives driving and influencing the future of data and AI in Manufacturing 

Forum Panel

Join our esteemed panel of data and AI leaders from John Deere, Honeywell and Collins Aerospace discuss how data is being used to improve product performance, expand business opportunities with new lines of business, and transform manufacturing operations with efficiency and agility.

Muthu Sabarethinamn, Vice President, Enterprise Analytics & IT at Honeywell

Aimee DeGrauwe, Digital Product Manager

Peter Conrardy- Executive Director, Data and Digital Systems

Rob Saker
RVP GTM Retail and Manufacturing

Manufacturing Breakout Sessions

Here’s an overview of some of our most highly-anticipated Manufacturing sessions at this year’s summit:

Why a Data Lakehouse is Critical During the Manufacturing Apocalypse

Heather Urbanek, Director, Digital and Advanced Analytics
Brad Nicholas, Director, Digital Platforms, IT Emerging Technology
Corning Inc.

COVID has changed the way that we work and the way that we must do business. Supply chain disruptions have impacted manufacturers’ ability to manufacture and distribute products. Logistics and the lack of labor have forced us to staff differently. The existential threat is real and we must change the way that we analyze data and solve problems real time in order to stay relevant.

In this session, you’ll learn about Corning’s journey, why the data lake and digital tech is essential to survival in this new world, some practical examples of how machine learning and data pipelines enable faster decision making, and why businesses cannot survive without these capabilities.

Learn more

Predicting and Preventing Machine Downtime with AI and Expert Alerts

Jayashree Karnam, Engineering Manager - Proactive Services & Customer Product Support
Jeremy Goebel, Manager, Aftermarket Enablement Solutions
John Deere

Machine and equipment failure in the field can be extremely costly for a John Deere customer. While customers expect reliability with their products, unexpected failures can happen in the field. Fixing them reactively can be time consuming and costly. John Deere equipment operators sometimes have small windows of time to complete a task (harvest, planting, construction, etc.) and could be working in distant remote locations. A reactive approach to equipment failure and downtime should be avoided at all costs.

John Deere’s central Machine Health Monitoring Center analyzes data from thousands of connected machines. Their Product Systems Data Scientists & Analysts identify trends within the data, determine causes, and develop new and improved preventative-maintenance and repair protocols called Expert Alerts.

Here is the story of how Apache Spark, Delta Lake and Lakehouse framework helped John Deere achieve this mission.

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Applied Predictive Maintenance in Aviation: Without Sensor Data

David Taylor, Data Scientist
Randy Provence, Data Engineer

David and Randy will show how using Azure Databricks Lakehouse is modernizing FedEx’s data & analytics environment, which delivers new capability to create custom predictive models for hundreds of families of aircraft components without sensor data. FedEx currently has over 95% success rate with over $1.3 million in avoided operational impact costs in FY21.

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Smart Manufacturing: Real-time Process Optimization with Databricks

Vamsi Krishna Bhupasamudram, Director Industry X.0
Ashwin Voorkarra, Sr. Architect IoT Analytics

Learn more about how a Fortune 500 aluminum rolled stock manufacturer is leveraging Tredence service and technical solutions and the Databricks Lakehouse for Manufacturing based AIoT Industrial internet of things (IIoT) solutions to improve productivity by +20%

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Demos on Data + AI Use Cases in Manufacturing

Global Solution Integrator - Tredence

  • Leveraging Digital Twins to Predict Failure and Promote Uptime of a Continuous Process
  • Sancus — an AI-powered Data Quality Management Tool That Creates Master Data From Diverse Sources While Maintaining and Tracking Data Quality Over Time
  • A 360 View of Your Supply Chain With a Supply Chain Control Tower
  • Machine Learning at the Edge


  • Real-Time Monitoring of KPIs of Manufacturing Facilities
  • Delivering Digital Twins on the Lakehouse
  • Improving Supply Chain Agility With Part Level Forecasting
  • Demonstrating Predictive Maintenance on Rotating Equipment (wind turbine)
  • Object Detection and Classification on Live Image Streams — Computer Vision
  • Predictive Maintenance of Progressive Cavity Pumps

Join the Manufacturing Experience at Summit!

Make sure to register for the Data + AI Summit to take advantage of all the amazing Healthcare and Life Sciences sessions, demos and talks scheduled to take place. Registration is free!

In the meantime, download our Guide to Manufactuirng Sessions at Data + AI Summit 2022.

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