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Improving Health Outcomes With Data and AI


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Every year, data leaders and their teams from across the globe join Data + AI Summit to discuss the latest trends in data, analytics, and machine learning. For data teams in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry, we're excited to announce a full agenda of Healthcare and Life Science sessions. Leaders from Providence Health, Walgreens, Amgen, Cigna, California Healthcare Eligibility, Enrollment, and Retention System (CalHEERS), and many other organizations across the health ecosystem will share how they are using data to power real-time patient insights, accelerate drug discovery and improve health equity for all. Join us live in San Francisco or tune-in virtually for free.

Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry Forum

Our Healthcare and Life Sciences Forum kicks off on Wednesday, June 29 at 3:30pm PT. During this capstone event, you'll have the opportunity to join keynotes and panel discussions with data analytics and AI leaders on the most pressing topics in the industry. Here's a rundown of the agenda:

Keynote: The Journey Toward Delivering Real-time Pharmacy Insights at Walgreens with the Lakehouse

In this keynote, Luigi Gudagno and Sashi Venkatesan from Walgreens will share how Walgreens is building the pharmacy of the future with a modern data lakehouse to better meet the evolving needs of the millions of patients they serve. With over 850 million prescriptions a year, delivering real-time and personalized insights to pharmacists and patients across their 10,000 U.S. stores is critical to driving better outcomes. Hear their vision for the future and what it takes to unlock the value of data at scale.


Luigi Guadagno

VP, Rx Renewal & HC Platform Technology, Walgreens


Sashi Venkatesan

Director of Product Engineering, Walgreens

Panel Discussion: Life's Not Fair, But AI Can Be - Responsible and Equitable AI in Healthcare

Join our esteemed panel of data leaders from some of the biggest names in healthcare, insurance and pharma as they discuss biases in healthcare model development, best practices for building safe and responsible AI systems, and how data can be used to address health inequities.

Gayathri Namasivayam,
Sr. Data Scientist, McKesson
Lindsay Mico,
Director of Data Science, Providence Health
Jeffrey Reid,
Chief Data Officer, Regeneron Genetics Center
Surekha Durvasula,
Senior Director Data & Analytics Platform, Walgreens
Miguel Martinez,
Senior Data Scientist, Optum

Healthcare and Life Sciences Tech Talks

Here's an overview of some of our most highly-anticipated Healthcare and Life Sciences sessions at this year's summit:

Amgen's Journey To Building a Global 360 View of its Customers with the Lakehouse

Amgen is a leading global biotech company focused on developing therapies that have the power to save lives. Delivering on this mission requires their commercial teams to regularly meet with healthcare providers to discuss new treatments that can help patients in need. With the onset of the pandemic, where face-to-face interactions with doctors and other Healthcare Providers were impacted, Amgen had to rethink how their teams interacted with these audiences through digital channels underpinned by data analytics and AI.

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Solving Healthcare Price Transparency with Databricks and Delta Lake

CMS published the Price Transparency mandate requiring healthcare providers and payers to publish the cost of services based on procedure codes. In this talk, Cigna shares how they embarked on this journey by embracing the scalability of AWS cloud, Apache Spark, Databricks, and Delta Lake to deal with generating and hosting file sizes ranging from megabytes to 100's GBs.

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The Semantics of Biology — Vaccine and Drug Research with Knowledge Graphs and Logical Inferencing on Apache Spark

In this talk, GSK presents the new logical inferencing capabilities that they've built into the Bellman library — an open-source project for graph queries. GSK will demonstrate how connections between biological entities that are not explicitly connected in the data are deduced from ontologies. These inferred connections are returned to the scientist to aid in the discovery of new connections with the intent on accelerating gene to disease research.

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Lessons Learned from Deidentifying 700 Million Patient Notes

Providence embarked on an ambitious journey to de-identify all of their clinical electronic medical record (EMR) data to support medical research and the development of novel treatments. This talk shares how this was done for patient notes and how you can achieve the same.

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Data Lake for State Health Exchange Analytics Using Databricks

The California Healthcare Eligibility, Enrollment, and Retention System (CalHEERS) — one of the largest State-based health exchanges in the country — was looking to modernize their data warehouse environment to support the vision that every decision to design, implement and evaluate their state-based health exchange portal was informed by timely and rigorous evidence about its consumers' experience. The scope of the project was to replace the existing Oracle-based DWH with an analytics platform that could support a much broader range of requirements including ML. Learn about their journey to building this modern architecture on the Lakehouse and the outcomes they achieved.

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Accelerating the Pace of Autism Diagnosis with Machine Learning Models

A formal autism diagnosis can be an inefficient and lengthy process. Families may wait months or longer before receiving a diagnosis for their child despite evidence that earlier intervention leads to better treatment outcomes. In this talk, Anish Lakkapragada, a sophomore at Lynbrook High School and researcher at Stanford's Wall Lab, shares his work on how digital technologies and deep learning can be used to analyze unstructured home videos to aid in the rapid detection of autism.

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Check out the full list of Healthcare and Life Sciences talks at Summit, including speakers from Bayer, OncoHealth, Humana, and many others.

Demos on Popular Data + AI Use Case in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Delta Sharing for Healthcare and Life SciencesHealthcare Data Interoperability and Patient AnalyticsPatient Cohort Building with NLP and Knowledge GraphsReal-world Evidence and Propensity Score Matching

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