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We're just days away from this year's Data + AI Summit! Whether you're attending in-person or virtually, you will have access to hundreds of talks, training, demos, and workshops from June 27–30.

To help you get the best from the event, we've introduced the Databricks Experience (DBX), a curated set of content and sessions to help you learn more about the amazing innovation happening at Databricks. Designed to help you make the most of your time at the summit, DBX offers quick access to the subjects most relevant to your needs. Within DBX, you can learn from our product experts and customers on how to build the modern data stack with the data lakehouse.

With DBX, you'll get access to handpicked content, including:

  • 25+ product deep-dive sessions covering the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, with sessions on Delta Lake, Unity Catalog, Databricks SQL, Delta Live Tables, MLflow and more.
  • 30+ training and certification sessions - level up your data and AI skills through training and new certification bundles designed to support all data roles and skillsets. Whether you're new to the lakehouse architecture or a seasoned pro looking to dive deep, we have a course for you.
  • News on upcoming products and features.

DBX Sessions You Don't Want to Miss

Here's an overview of some of our most highly-anticipated DBX sessions that can help you build and implement a data lakehouse making all the data available for any number of data-driven use cases.

Destination Lakehouse: All your data, analytics and AI on one platform In this session, learn how the Databricks Lakehouse Platform can meet your needs for every data and analytics workload, with examples of real-customer applications, reference architectures, and demos to showcase how you can create modern data solutions on your own.

Unified governance for your Data and AI assets on Lakehouse - Modern data assets take many forms: not just files or tables, but dashboards, ML models, and unstructured data like video and images, all of which cannot be governed and managed by legacy data governance solutions. In these curated sessions, learn how you can use Unity Catalog to centrally manage all data and AI assets with a common governance model based on familiar ANSI SQL, ensuring improved native performance and security. If you're deploying Unity Catalog for your lakehouse, our governance experts will prepare you for a smooth governance implementation with tips, tricks and best practices. In a connected digital economy, data sharing and data collaboration have become important. Learn how Databricks Lakehouse Platform simplifies secure data sharing and enables data collaboration across organizations in a privacy-centric way.

Data warehousing is one of the most business-critical workloads for data teams,
and the best data warehouse is a lakehouse. You will hear from the experts, customer success stories, use cases, and best practices learned from the field and customers, and discover what's under the hood of Databricks SQL, scale workloads with Databricks Serverless, and how you can radically improve performance with Photon. Additionally, you can find sessions on how to ingest data into the lakehouse, and how to store and govern business-critical data at scale with curated data warehousing, SQL and BI workloads in the lakehouse.

Data engineering and streaming on the lakehouse. Come and learn how the lakehouse provides end-to-end data engineering and how you can realize the promise of streaming with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. You will explore how data engineering and streaming solutions automate the complexity of building and maintaining pipelines and running ETL/streaming workloads so data engineers and analysts can focus on quality and reliability to drive valuable insights. You'll also have the opportunity to dive into Delta Live Tables (DLT) so you can apply modern software engineering and management techniques to ETL. With the launch of Databricks Workflows, we have created a session to introduce you to Databricks Workflows: a fully managed orchestration service for all your workloads, built in the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

Data science and machine learning (DSML) on the lakehouse. Learn how using a data-centric AI platform can simplify your production ML projects through the use of a feature store and see how easy it is to launch machine learning experiments on your data with only a few lines of code. Then take a walk through the "front door" of the lakehouse and experience how Databricks Notebooks enable users to explore, discover, and share data insights with each other.

Now that you've started using Databricks, your initial set of users, access controls, and workspace are configured. Everything is great, but you're onboarding more and more teams to the platform. How do you make the most of the Databricks administration capabilities to operate at scale? Come to the admin session, where we will share best practices and tips for future-proofing your Databricks Account, helping you speed up onboarding for new users and give them a positive experience, while following best practices to secure and manage your Databricks workspace.

Simplify migration to the lakehouse - we know organizations are migrating from legacy on-premises Hadoop architectures to a data lakehouse architecture. Learn how we, at Databricks, formulated a successful migration methodology to help organizations minimize risks and simplify the process of migrating to Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

Lastly, as you have learned, the Databricks Lakehouse Platform is open and provides the flexibility to continue using existing infrastructure, to easily share data, and build your modern data stack with unrestricted access to the ecosystem of open source data
projects and the broad Databricks partner network. Come and learn more about partners and the modern data stack as we take a deep dive into our technology.

Register for the Data + AI Summit to take advantage of all the Databricks Experience: sessions, training and certifications scheduled to take place at the summit.

Registration to attend virtually is free!

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