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Businesses today have a wealth of information siloed across databases like MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, and SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, and Google Analytics. Bringing this data into a centralized repository requires a lot of development and maintenance work. Building a custom connector for one such data source requires months of engineering bandwidth and constant maintenance work to avoid data loss or loading errors due to changes in source data or APIs.

Hevo Data, the end-to-end data pipeline platform, has partnered with Databricks to provide an easy and automated way for businesses to integrate their data from multiple SaaS sources and databases into Delta Lake. This partnership will enable Databricks users to break down data silos quickly, eliminate manual, error-prone data integration tasks, and get accurate and reliable data in the lakehouse to support their analytics, reporting, and AI/ML use cases. Hevo's upcoming integration with Databricks Partner Connect will make it easier for Databricks customers to try Hevo and ingest data quickly. Users will be able to start a seamless Hevo trial experience right from the Databricks product, reducing friction for users to leverage Hevo to onboard data to the Lakehouse.

Hevo provides 150+ pre-built integrations with various data sources such as databases, SaaS applications, cloud storage systems, SDKs, streaming services, and more to simplify the integration, transformations, and processing of disparate data. The platform supports multiple use cases, including data replication, ETL, ELT, and Reverse ETL. With Hevo's Databricks connector, Delta Lake users can achieve faster, more accurate, and more reliable data integration at scale, helping hydrate the lakehouse and solve more use cases with real-time, accurate, and unified data.

In addition to creating pipelines to load data from all the SaaS sources and databases to Delta Lake, Hevo provides numerous vital features. This includes pre-load and post-load transformation, append-only and de-duplication methods for loading data, near real-time replication, and auto schema mapping.

Databricks pipeline dashboard on Hevo
Databricks pipeline dashboard on Hevo

Databricks and Hevo share many commonalities. Here are the top three benefits that highlight our partnership:

  • Scalable - Both platforms are hosted on the cloud and built on a horizontally scalable architecture.
  • Secure - Both platforms are built with enterprise-grade security and are HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR-ready to ensure that your data is completely protected.
  • Robust - Delta helps build robust pipelines at scale, and Hevo automatically detects any anomaly in the incoming data and notifies you instantly to reduce downtime.

If you are already a Databricks customer, look for the upcoming Hevo integration in Partner Connect. To learn more about Hevo's Databricks connector, please review the detailed documentation or watch the demo video here. Hevo provides a 14-day free trial, so start building your data pipelines today!

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