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The success of data practitioners are at the heart of why Databricks exists, from bringing you an innovative data, AI and analytics platform to providing you with training and resources through Databricks Academy and Databricks Community that support your career growth. We firmly believe that we can only be successful when data practitioners on Databricks are successful. 

With the lakehouse architecture quickly becoming the new industry standard for data, AI and analytics, we want to help more data practitioners be at the forefront with easy ways to learn and get accredited. Databricks Academy has a variety of learning content (e.g., self-paced training, instructor-led training, and certifications) for data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists from self-paced to instructor-led content to ensure that practitioners can establish their credibility and reputation on the lakehouse architecture. 

To make it extra compelling, we will be offering 100 points to redeem at the Databricks Community Rewards Store to learners who complete these 2 steps: 1) earn their Databricks Lakehouse Fundamentals accreditation and 2) join the Databricks Academy Learners Group on the Databricks Community between today and November 30, 2022.

Here's how to take advantage of this offer - 

Step 1: Earn a Lakehouse Fundamentals accreditation: Watch the four short tutorial videos, pass the knowledge test, and earn an accreditation for Lakehouse Fundamentals. 

  • The four videos include introductions to:
    • Databricks Lakehouse Platform
    • Databricks SQL
    • Data Science and Engineering Workspace
    • Databricks Machine Learning

Step 2: Join the Databricks Academy Learners Group on the Databricks Community: When you earn your Lakehouse Fundamentals accreditation, you will receive an email to join this new Community group with Academy Learning Path materials 

Offer: Receive 100 points to the Databricks Community Rewards Store: Members who receive their Lakehouse Fundamentals badge and join the Databricks Academy Learners Group between today and November 30, 2022, will receive 100 Rewards Points to redeem Databricks Community merchandise or save up for other exciting offerings such as discounts to Databricks certification or VIP tickets to the annual Data + AI Summit. 

See details and ask questions on this Databricks Community post. We are thrilled to support you on your data + AI learning journey! See you on your learning path. 

Databricks Community is the online meeting place for data practitioners and Databricks partners and experts to learn, network and celebrate together. Join today to stay current on Databricks, network with peers and experts, and earn points and recognition along the way. 

Take your first step today and earn your Lakehouse Fundamentals accreditation today. Get started here.

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