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The Databricks Media & Entertainment Symposium brought together industry leaders to discuss the evolving role data and technology play in acquiring, engaging and monetizing media consumers. Now available on demand, the event featured a range of engaging presentations from customers Condé Nast, Paramount, Omnicom Precision Marketing Group, the Philadelphia Union, 605 Media, as well as partners Acxiom, Labelbox, and Snowplow on topics such as improving marketing and operations ROI, self-serve advertising audience segmentation at scale, and realizing the full potential of unstructured data in media.

One of the key themes of the symposium was how data-driven teams can drive greater return on investment through increased organizational agility, identifying new paths for monetization, and taking greater advantage of unstructured data. Presenters discussed how data is being used in their organizations to drive decision-making and to create more personalized and engaging content for audiences. For example, Nana Yaw Essuman, Sr. Director of Data Engineering shared how Condé Nast engages more than 1B fans across 32 markets in 26 published languages using 37 distinct brands.

Another major theme of the symposium was the role of machine learning in the media and entertainment industry. Speakers discussed how ML/AI is being used to automate tasks, drive audience segmentation at scale, and improve the customer experience. VP of Product at Snowplow Rob Strechay shared how teams can power personalization at scale using ML-ready customer behavior profiles, while Amelia Chu, Director of Ad Tech and Data Platforms at Paramount shared how her team is creating better models for self-serve advertising.

Overall, the Databricks Media & Entertainment Symposium offered a fascinating glimpse into the future of the industry and the role of data and technology in shaping it. If you missed the event, you can still watch it on demand and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the media and entertainment industry. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from industry experts and explore the exciting possibilities of data and AI in media and entertainment.

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