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The demand for data, analytics, and AI talent continues to grow as organizations in every industry adopt new technologies to become more efficient, productive, and competitive. Jennifer Romero-Higgings, Principal Data Architect at American Airlines, shares how Databricks' training has helped accelerate her implementation: "this was a whole new world of technology that I had no idea about, so it helped me to be well rounded and be prepared for the development that I was going to delve into." And Jennifer's perspective echos what we're seeing across the board. A Udemy report confirms that upskilling and reskilling remain top priorities for employees in today's competitive job market, and Databricks is the #1 surging technical skill in 2022.

To address the market demand to onboard onto Databricks, we are excited to now offer no-cost, role-based onboarding training, multiple times a day across key geographic regions to Databricks customers, partners, as well as the general public. This new offering builds on top of and accelerates the existing robust catalog of learning resources from Databricks, including the public paid training classes, private training classes, self-paced material on Databricks Academy and peer-network learning on Databricks Community and provides more comprehensive training coverage across all stages of the learner journey. Accomplished learners are also recognized for their skills with Databricks certifications.

This latest, free onboarding training is a great resource for data, analytics, and AI practitioners, such as data analysts, data scientists, machine learning engineers, and platform administrators. Each live onboarding training will be taught by an instructor with teaching assistants available to answer questions. In addition, following the onboarding training, learners will be informed on additional role-based learning pathways they can pursue. At the completion of the onboarding training, each learner will receive a role-based recognition for the training that they can share on their resumé, CV, or LinkedIn profile.

Each course includes fundamental training required for each role-based discipline. For example, the Data Engineering Onboarding Training will:

  • Dive into the core components of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform
  • Guide through the Databricks Data Science and Engineering Workspace
  • Demonstrate how to create and manage cluster using the Databricks Cluster U
  • Walk through how to integrate git support and apply CI/CD, and
  • Show how to perform a variety of data management tasks on delta lake.

Onboarding is the first step in a learner's journey, with professional learning pathways that lead to industry-recognized Databricks certifications.

Databricks Certifications

To access the latest role-based onboarding training events, please visit the Databricks onboarding training catalog. Once you determine which onboarding training you're interested in, you can sign up at Databricks Academy. You can find onboarding training, along with a variety of other self-paced, on-demand content in Databricks Academy.

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