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Developing an Open Data Ecosystem with SAP

SAP and Databricks Partnership
Samir Patel
Sam Steiny
Awez Syed
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Across a number of industries, from manufacturing, energy, life sciences to retail, we are seeing enterprises increase their focus on business durability, resilience, and sustainability by turning to data to inform critical decisions. The majority of critical data in businesses across all these industries comes from SAP applications.

We're excited to announce that Databricks is among 4 launch partners for SAP Datasphere - a comprehensive data service that enables seamless and scalable access to SAP data across ERP and other functional applications suites across Finance, Supply Chain, CRM, and HR. SAP Datasphere enables a business data fabric architecture that provides SAP data with the business context and data model views intact, serving as a semantic layer for SAP data definitions, relationships, and hierarchies. Our partnership highlights the power of SAP and Databricks together and is yet another proof point of the mainstream adoption of the Databricks Lakehouse – a simple platform that unifies all your data workloads, from streaming analytics to BI, data science, and AI.

SAP and Databricks will expand the integration of Lakehouse with SAP Datasphere to empower users with data engineering, data warehousing, data streaming, data science and machine learning on SAP data as well as provide seamless capabilities to converge SAP data with other operational and external data sources. These capabilities will evolve and enhance the options our customers have today for integrating their SAP data with the Databricks Lakehouse. We have seen incredible impact for customers from this data convergence, as they unlock value through use cases across supply chain, manufacturing, field service, and business operations.

As shared in a recent blog, DuPont, a global material science innovation leader serving end markets such as electronics, transportation, construction, water, and healthcare, wanted to gain real-time insight into production data, including SAP data across their 134 worldwide production sites. The value was evident. According to John Cannarella, a data science leader at DuPont,

"Having this (operations/SAP) dataset in the lakehouse allows us to iterate in near real time with operations analysts, which is probably the primary value driver since the majority of our effort is spent aligning key stakeholders across operations, supply chain, and finance on a common set of KPIs."

Numerous customers are seeing similar value when integrating SAP data with operational and external data sources on Databricks. To help customers with extraction and ingestion from SAP, we've been actively working with a portfolio of consulting partners such as Capgemini, Tredence, Celebal Tech, and Datasentics. These SIs have strong capabilities and accelerators to help ingest and enable transformations on SAP data to retain business context.

Within our partnership with SAP, we are bringing together our engineering teams to deliver more capabilities with SAP Datasphere integration for customers as they embark on their journey to unlock even greater value from their SAP ERP data. Stay tuned to Databricks and SAP for future announcements.

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