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In the dynamic, innovative landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area, Databricks stands out not just for our groundbreaking data and AI solutions, but also for our truly unique workplace culture.


Today, Databricks was named one of the 2024 Fortune Best Workplaces in Bay Area™. This recognition is a testament to the incredible commitment of Bricksters (as our employees are known) and to our deeply ingrained culture principles.


Fortune Best Workplaces in Bay Area


At the heart of Databricks culture lies a set of guiding principles that shape every aspect of our operations and interactions.


Customer Obsession: We understand that the key to success lies in understanding and serving our customers' needs. We believe that what's best for the customer is ultimately best for Databricks. Every product, service, and interaction is geared toward exceeding customer expectations and delivering exceptional value.

"The most fulfilling and motivating part for me is seeing my customers' use cases come to life and enabling the communities that they serve."
— Revathi Kanduri, Solutions Architect

Raising the Bar: We recognize that our strength lies in our people. We aim to foster an environment where every individual is empowered to push the boundaries of excellence. Every Brickster has an opportunity to elevate the collective capabilities of the team and the organization as a whole.

"Each person brings something unique that up-levels the whole team. We invest heavily in our people by providing a high-agency environment, training sessions, tech talks, hackathons, and more. We strive for excellence in our craft and foster an environment of curiosity and learning. It makes work incredibly rewarding."
— Neha Sharma, Engineering Manager

Truth-Seeking: In a world inundated with data, Databricks relies on rigorous analysis and a commitment to truth-seeking. Data is not just a buzzword; it's the cornerstone of decision-making. We embrace data-driven insights and are willing to recalibrate assumptions based on changing conditions, ensuring that decisions are rooted in reality rather than speculation.

"Everything we do as PMs is driven by data- and not just usage statistics, but also aggregated qualitative data from directly talking to our customers." 
— Hanlin Sun, Associate Product Manager

Operating from First Principles: Databricks believes in the power of first principles thinking to drive innovation and sustainable solutions. By breaking down complex problems into their fundamental truths, we architect solutions that are not only scalable but also have a lasting impact while minimizing unintended consequences.

"When I am working on scientific experiments on large language models at Databricks, I am constantly having to return to first principles. The training stack is complex, the datasets are large, I have to be sure my understanding is rooted in fundamental concepts and backed by solid evidence."
— Tessa Barton, Research Scientist

Bias for Action: In a fast-paced industry, speed matters. We operate with a bias for action, understanding that decisive action is often the catalyst for progress. Whether it's debating ideas, planning strategies, or driving alignment, employees embrace a culture of agility and execution.

"At Databricks, we bias for action in all elements of our work. The University Recruiting team is proud to hire and develop the next generation of leaders in data and AI. Our intern program matches students from across the world with top teams across Databricks where we foster collaboration, debate, execution, and innovation."
— Inbar Gam, Senior Recruiter

Putting the Company First: At Databricks, there is a collective commitment to putting the company's interests above all else. Every decision and every action is guided by what is right for Databricks. This unwavering dedication ensures that the company remains resilient and focused on its long-term goals amidst competing priorities.

"As an engineer at Databricks, I approach every problem with the customer requirements as the main guide for our goals, whether it is for an end-product or internal infrastructure. In my work on internal caching systems, we spend a significant amount of time designing clean APIs with well-defined semantics - based on customer feedback, we change our APIs and semantics to better suit their needs. We work hard to deliver highly available and efficient systems with not just carefully written code but also high-quality testing, monitoring, and alerting so that our customers can focus on their products rather than worrying about the underlying systems."
— Atul Adya, Principal Engineer

Fortune's recognition of Databricks as a Best Workplace in the Bay Area is not just an accolade for Databricks; it's a validation of our culture, values, and people. As we continue to innovate and drive transformation in the world of data and AI, we do so with the unwavering belief that a strong culture and amazing employees are the bedrock of sustainable success.


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