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Elevate your career in the New Year! Start the new year off right by taking your Databricks enablement to the next level by getting Databricks certified in 2023!

The demand for technology roles is only growing – it's projected that over 150 million jobs will be added in the next five years. Across industries and regions, this is translating to increased demand for data, analytics and AI-related roles. In fact, when speaking with enterprise customers, many have indicated that the "skills of their staff" is the top concern for advancing their data and AI adoption.

To help close this skills gap, Databricks offers many role-based learning pathways across key data, analytics, and AI roles. Each learning pathway starts with Lakehouse Fundamentals, where learners can gain exposure to the basics of the lakehouse platform. With each of the data, analytics, and AI learning pathways, there are accreditations (short quizzes, unproctored) or certifications (exams, proctored) to test a learner's knowledge.

Databricks' Role-Based Learning Pathways
Databricks' Role-Based Learning Pathways

Databricks Lakehouse fundamentals

The lakehouse architecture is quickly becoming the new industry standard for data, analytics, and AI. You can get up to speed with Databricks Lakehouse Fundamentals course, which includes four short tutorial videos introducing the following topics:

  • The data lakehouse
  • Databricks Lakehouse Platform
  • Databricks Lakehouse Platform Architecture and Security
  • Supported Workloads on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Once you take and pass the quiz, you will earn an accreditation for Lakehouse Fundamentals that you can share on LinkedIn or on your resumé.

Lakehouse Fundamentals' badges on LinkedIn
Lakehouse Fundamentals' badges on LinkedIn

Limited time offer

To help you achieve your goals and learn a new skillset in the new year, Databricks is pleased to announce that we will reward ANY Databricks user with a valid Lakehouse Fundamentals Accreditation by January 31, 2023 with a 75% off Databricks Certification voucher ($150 value) to take on any of our 7 main Databricks certifications:

  • Data Engineer Associate
  • Data Engineer Professional
  • Data Analyst Associate
  • Machine Learning Associate
  • Machine Learning Professional
  • Associate Developer for Apache Spark 3.0 - Python
  • Associate Developer for Apache Spark 3.0 - Scala

Please Note: You must complete this survey with your name, the email address you passed the accreditation with, and a proof of completion.

What do users have to do? Complete the Lakehouse Fundamentals Accreditation (V2) in Databricks Academy

Who can participate? Any user who has a valid, unexpired Lakehouse Fundamentals accreditation can claim their reward of a $150 Databricks Certification voucher (75% discount) - users must show proof on this survey

What's the deadline? The deadline to complete the accreditation and submit proof on our survey is January 31, 2023

When are vouchers sent? Vouchers will be sent in February

When do vouchers expire? Vouchers will expire July 1, 2023 - exams must be booked and taken before this date

1Jobs on the Rise in 2021

Complete the Lakehouse Fundamentals Accreditation (V2) in Databricks Academy and then fill out this survey. Elevate your career today!

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