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It’s no secret that modern organizations are doubling down on their investments in data - investments that uncover deep customer insights that provide a competitive edge for companies across verticals and industries.

We believe in a future where the Lakehouse sits at the center of the organization - enabling companies to make use of these insights in the day-to-day work of business teams. That’s why today, Databricks Ventures is excited to announce our strategic investment in Hightouch, the leading Data Activation platform. This investment, part of Hightouch’s recent $38 million funding round, is the next step in expanding our partnership and accelerating our joint offering of a Composable Customer Data Platform built natively on the Databricks Lakehouse.

Why Hightouch?

With Hightouch, leading organizations, including Grammarly, Mews, and PetSmart, are unleashing the power of the Lakehouse to drive operational use cases like predictive targeting, personalized recommendations, and churn prevention across marketing channels.

Hightouch has been at the forefront of both the Reverse ETL and CDP categories, offering powerful Data Activation features for anyone within an organization. With the recently released Customer 360 Toolkit, users can now perform Identity Resolution directly within the Lakehouse to create 360-degree customer profiles. These rich customer profiles comprised of first-party customer data, behavioral events, and machine-learning models can then be activated with Hightouch’s suite of no-code features, Customer Studio, across operational tools and marketing channels.

Activating DataAI from the Lakehouse: Databricks Ventures Invests in Hightouch

With Hightouch’s composable architecture, organizations at any data maturity are able to select the features they need to transform the Lakehouse into a fast, flexible and secure Customer Data Platform that drives value across their business.

What’s Coming Next

With the recent funding round, including Databricks Ventures’ strategic investment, Hightouch is investing in additional Lakehouse-native activation capabilities - like Match Booster, targeted at data and marketing teams. In addition, this strategic investment will unlock additional opportunities to align our go-to-market activities and collaborate on future product integrations to make the Composable CDP built on the Databricks Lakehouse even more complete.

Hightouch is available in Databricks Partner Connect today!

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