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Announcing Public Preview of Databricks Marketplace

An open marketplace for all your data, analytics, and AI
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We are excited to announce the public preview of Databricks Marketplace, an open marketplace for all your data, analytics, and AI, powered by the open-source Delta Sharing standard. The Databricks Marketplace brings together a vast ecosystem of data consumers and data providers to share and collaborate across a wide array of data assets including data sets, notebooks, ML models, and more, without any platform dependencies, complicated ETL or expensive replication. Data consumers can innovate and advance their organizations’ AI, ML, and analytics initiatives and deliver faster insights with no vendor lock-in. Data providers can expand their businesses, reach new users, and unlock revenue.

Announcing Public Preview of Databricks Marketplace
Exploring an embedded notebook on Databricks Marketplace

In this blog post, we discuss our vision for an open marketplace that enables data consumers and providers to discover, share and monetize complete solutions on a secure platform - not just data, but notebooks, models, dashboards, applications, and more to deliver insights and innovation faster.

Databricks Marketplace for Data Providers

Data providers need an open marketplace where they can grow their business by monetizing new types of assets and reach users on any platform securely.

But data providers also face major roadblocks with current marketplaces:

  • Limited opportunities to monetize new types of assets: A data-only approach means that organizations are limited to monetizing anything beyond a dataset and have more friction to create new revenue opportunities with non-compatible platforms.
  • Difficulty reaching users securely across platforms: Most data solutions limit the number of users data providers can reach. Data providers frequently have to replicate data for different recipients across platforms, clouds, and regions. Data providers have to choose between forgoing business or incurring the expense to replicate data.
  • Lack of secure technology and unified governance: As modern data requirements become more stringent, homegrown and legacy technologies have become more difficult to secure and govern. Data providers have to use multiple tools to govern and secure access to the scattered data, leading to inconsistent governance and security issues.

The Databricks Marketplace expands businesses and unlocks new revenue opportunities for data providers. Built on open standards, the Marketplace connects providers with the widest array of data tools across every cloud to uniquely allow data providers to monetize both their data sets and data assets - like models, notebooks, and dashboards - without any platform dependence, ETL, or replication to ensure that their data consumers obtain the fastest and simplest time to insight.

  • Monetize more than just data: Monetize the broadest set of data assets including data sets, notebooks, ML models, and more with the broadest set of data consumers.
  • Reach users on any platform: Expand your reach across platforms and to new personas. Connect with a vast ecosystem beyond walled gardens that includes any cloud or region, customers and partners both inside and outside of Databricks, as well as native integrations with many tools and platforms, such as Excel, PowerBI, pandas, and more. Our cloud-neutral strategy supports AWS, GCP, and Azure and our users include data analysts, ML practitioners, as well as data engineers and business users. Streamline delivery of simple and secure data sharing to any cloud or region, without replication.
  • Share data securely: Share all your data sets, notebooks, ML models, dashboards and more securely across clouds, regions and data platforms.
With Nasdaq data now discoverable on the Databricks Marketplace and accessible via Delta Sharing, we will enable customers to access data in an open way across their tools of choice and accelerate their time.
— Bill Dague, Vice-president and Head of data product at Nasdaq
AccuWeather’s Superior Weather Intelligence plus Databricks Marketplace enables our customers to get from data access to business impact quickly, saving them time and money
— Mark D’Andrea, CRO AccuWeather
The Databricks Marketplace is a key channel for co-developing and delivering real-world data sets and analytics with our customers, which helps TriNetX with reducing barriers to data access, and ultimately enables our customers to accelerate the generation of real-world evidence.
— Jeffrey Graham, Vice President, Real-World Data and Innovation, TriNetX, LLC.
LiveRamp is excited to launch data and identity solutions within Databricks Marketplace, enabling brands to connect securely with customers on a more personalized level while maintaining a privacy-centric approach. These solutions offer industry-leading person-based and household-based identity solutions, attribute enrichments, and identity translation solutions for partner data connectivity to accelerate Lakehouse ML and advanced analytics use cases.”
— Erin Boelkens, VP of Product, LiveRamp

Databricks Marketplace for Data Consumers

Data consumers need an open marketplace where they can find, evaluate, and discover a broader set of data assets and solutions to innovate with data, analytics, and AI and deliver faster insights with no vendor lock-in.

But data consumers today still face major roadblocks with current marketplaces:

  • Focus on data only or simple applications: Data only means that organizations looking to take advantage of ML/AI need to look elsewhere or start from scratch, causing delays in business insights.
  • Lengthy discovery and evaluation: The tools most marketplaces provide for data consumers to evaluate data are simply descriptions and example SQL statements. Minimal evaluation tools mean it takes more time to figure out if a data product is right for you, which might include more time in back-and-forth messages with a provider or searching for a new provider altogether.
  • Delayed time-to-insights with vendor lock-in: Delivery through proprietary sharing technologies or FTP means either vendor lock-in or lengthy ETL processes to get the data where you need to work with it.

The Databricks Marketplace dramatically expands the opportunity for data consumers to deliver innovation and advance all their analytics and AI initiatives. Data consumers can uniquely obtain data sets, as well as AI and analytical assets - such as ML models, notebooks, applications, and dashboards - without proprietary platform dependencies, complicated ETL, or expensive replication. This open approach allows you to put your data to work more quickly in every cloud with your tools of choice.

  • Discover more than just data: Unlock innovation and advance your organization's AI, ML, and analytics initiatives. Access more than just data sets, including ML models, notebooks, applications, and solutions.
  • Evaluate data products faster: Pre-built notebooks and sample data help you quickly evaluate and have much greater confidence that a data product is right for your AI, ML, or analytics initiatives.
  • Avoid vendor lock-in: Substantially reduce the time to deliver insights and avoid lock-in with open and seamless sharing and collaboration across clouds, regions, or platforms. Directly integrate with your tools of choice and right where you work.
Databricks Marketplace simplifies the process of discovering and evaluating external data with pre-built notebooks, without locking us into a single vendor or prolonging procurement cycles. With just a few clicks, we can access the data within our Databricks workspaces. We also look forward to leveraging the notebooks, dashboards, and ML models through the marketplace to enhance our analytics and AI initiatives
— Greg Rokita, AVP Technology, Edmunds
The Databricks Marketplace is a game-changer when it comes to accessing third-party data through Delta Sharing. The platform allows us to seamlessly browse a range of data products, evaluate them using a variety of tools like notebooks and dashboards, and put the data into production-ready use cases. This ease of use and flexibility is truly transformative
— David Mariani | Chief Technology Officer, Founder, AtScale

Get started with Databricks Marketplace

Watch a demo below to discover the ease of use of Databricks Marketplace for data consumers and data providers:

This is just the beginning. We are working on exciting new features to realize our vision with Databricks Marketplace for data consumers and data providers. Don’t miss more exciting updates about data sharing and collaboration and register for our sessions at Data and AI Summit.

If you are interested in becoming a data provider on the marketplace, sign-up and please choose "Marketplace" as the program of interest.

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