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We’re excited to announce the Databricks Generative AI Hackathon winners. This hackathon garnered hundreds of data and AI practitioners spanning 60 invited companies from over 18 countries. 

During the event, participants utilized Databricks technologies to solve different use cases utilizing Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). Entries were evaluated based on technical excellence, creativity, and potential impact. This event was the first hackathon in which participants got hands-on experience with Databricks vector search, data prep, and model serving. There were many impactful projects, but three teams stood out in their real-life use cases to address customer experience. 

Congratulations to the winning teams for creating impactful projects and transforming their businesses with generative AI!


🏆 ​​1st Place: HEB - “Shop is Easy” - an intelligent shopping application using Databricks Generative AI Technologies 

🏆 2nd Place: Yahoo - “Smart Stock Screener” - an innovative AI tool that leverages the power of LLMs to modernize the traditional stock screening experience 

🏆3rd Place: ITV - “LIZZY” - an AI chatbot  that recommends ITVX content to match a viewer's unique tastes in a seamless way

Grand Prize Winner: HEB  

Securing the grand prize, HEB, a regional grocery store in the best parts of Texas, addressed a prevailing business challenge: understanding customer needs.  

Shop It Easy - This innovative shopping list generator intelligently crafts customer-specific shopping lists, considering individual event requirements, lifestyle, budget, and brand preferences while aligning with the retailer's inventory. Our goal is to develop a system that not only personalizes shopping experiences but also ensures the availability of items, thus marrying customer needs with retailer offerings effectively. 

Link to project here: 

Runners-Up Winner: Yahoo 

The runner-up was Yahoo; Yahoo Finance is a media property that is part of the Yahoo network, provides financial news, data, and commentary, including stock quotes, press releases, financial reports, and original content. It also offers online tools for personal finance management.

Yahoo created a user-friendly, natural language interface for stock screeners. It takes a user query in natural language, converts it to a screener backend API payload, gets the response, and then displays it to the user. Finally, it refines the query filter parameters using the subsequent conversation with the user.

Link to project here:

3rd place Winner: ITV

ITV developed an AI chatbot for their streaming service - ITVX - that recommends ITVX content to match a viewer's unique tastes in a seamless way.

Check out their project here:

Honorable Mentions 

⭐ 7-Eleven “7Bot” - a voice-enabled chatbot that takes a product inquiry from the customer and fulfills the order 

⭐ Redkite, part of Accenture “Systems Safety Steward” - a Generative AI conversational interface to assist workers in navigating the use of complex manufacturing systems with a focus on health and safety

⭐ Karini AI “Karini Legal” - a RAG application that enables the legal community to fast-track legal cases with responsible AI 

⭐ Red Hat “Shadow Crawler” - a supplier risk assessment tool that will be leveraged by supplier assessment analysts to summarize the risks from onboarding a new supplier

Sogeti - A Corporate Assistant utilizing a Multi-agent system 

What’s Next? Databricks Generative AI World Cup

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We are now live with a bigger Generative AI competition to win up to $100,000 in cash. Are you ready to tackle real-life industry problems with your generative AI app?


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