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Databricks launches hands-on labs solution and cohort-based learning

From the data + AI experts, today, we're announcing two unique ways that practitioners can leverage leading-edge technologies – Databricks Academy Labs and Blended Learning. Databricks Academy Labs are on-demand, hands-on guided lab experiences in Databricks environments. Blended Learning combines both self-paced and weekly instructor-led sessions for every style of learner to optimize course completion and knowledge retention. The combination of Databricks Academy Labs and Blended Learning ensures a variety of learning options, from self-paced to hands-on, experiential, and cohort-based learning. Each of these offerings is specifically designed to cater to different learning preferences and ensure a rewarding learning experience.

For a limited time, Databricks is offering 20% off these two new learning offerings using this discount code1: TRN20y24

1The discount code will be valid until February 28, 2024, can be used multiple times, and only through credit card payments.

Need for data & AI talent

The persisting impact of data & AI has made it so that practitioners need to reevaluate their skills and determine ways to stay relevant with new technologies and organizations need to determine how their companies will remain competitive. PwC's Global CEO Survey indicates that over 50% of CEOs share that changing customer preferences, regulatory change, skills shortages and technology disruption, are the forces most likely to impact their industry's profitability over the next ten years. Of the industries, financial services, telecommunications/media/technology, and healthcare, inclusive of pharamaceuticals, were indicated to be the most likely to be disrupted by technology advancements. The need for existing workforces to be upskilled and reskilled is front and center.

Additionally when thinking about how to improve worker productivity and effectiveness, LinkedIn shares the importance of hands-on learning in comparison to traditional classroom learning. "Classroom learning can be time-consuming, expensive, and often detached from the actual work environment. It can also lack the real-world context necessary for effective learning. Hands-on labs solve these challenges. They provide an immersive learning experience that mimics real-world scenarios and allows learners to apply their skills in a practical context. This approach can result in faster and more effective learning and better skill outcomes."

Databricks' track record with learning resources

Databricks is dedicated to helping data & AI practitioners upskill and reskill and democractizing resources. Furthermore, from self-paced learning to hands-on, experiential learning to cohort-based learning, Databricks has comprehensive offerings to meet learners and organizations wherever they are on their learning journey.

Over the years, more than 130k Databricks badges and certifications have been earned by learners globally, showcasing their data & AI talents across data engineering, machine learning engineering, generative AI, and data analytics.

Databricks track record

Accessing Databricks Academy Labs & Blended Learning

Databricks Academy Labs provide experiential learning across the Databricks platform. This new offering is in partnership with Vocareum. We've standardized on Vocareum's education technology platform for our asynchronous, instructor-led and bootcamp courses, providing learners with hands-on, full-access experiences in Databricks. Each lab will have a guided experience to practice, develop data and AI skills. There will be safe and isolated environments, where users can practice and develop skills without impacting their production environments.

Additionally, Blended Learning on Uplimit provides the opportunity to scale cohort-based learning through their unique AI-powered learning experience. Uplimit delivers personalized learning support through their AI-powered platform, engaging instructor-led sessions, supportive course team, and active learner community. This offering maximizes learner engagement and retention, and prepares learners for certification success.

To access Databricks Academy Labs & Blended Learning, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Databricks Academy login

    Databricks Academy login
  2. View the subscriptions and details for each offering

    Subscriptions and details for each offering
  3. Add the offering to your cart and purchase

    Cart and Purchase

Save 20% today on Databricks' newest learning offerings with discount code: TRN20y24

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