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Databricks Announces the Industry’s First Generative AI Engineer Learning Pathway and Certification

Rochana Golani
Jody Soeiro de Faria
Trang Le
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Today, we are announcing the industry's first Generative AI Engineer learning pathway and certification to help ensure that data and AI practitioners have the resources to be successful with generative AI. At Databricks, we recognize that generative AI will continue to help practitioners and organizations innovate and be more productive, but practitioners need to upskill and reskill to be successful. The new training consists of three learning components to meet data scientists, machine learning engineers, and developers where they are on their Generative AI journey, and culminates in the Databricks Generative AI Engineer Associate Certification exam.

Generative AI Engineer Learning Pathway & Certification

Generative AI Engineer Learning Pathway & Certification

Need for Generative AI Upskilling

Generative AI and its applications continue to advance rapidly. Harvard Business Review shares that this technology will create a demand for expertise at an unprecedented, accelerated pace. The average half-life of knowledge-based skills, such as research, coding, and writing, is now less than five years, and in some tech fields, it's as fast as two-and-a-half years. This has, in turn, created an urgent need for organizations to invest heavily in training their workforce so their organizations can remain viable in the future.

Deep Dive into the Generative AI Engineer Learning Pathway

To meet this need, Databricks has added self-paced, on-demand and instructor-led courses of Generative AI Engineering, which will culminate in a Databricks Generative AI Engineer Associate Certification exam. The Generative AI Engineering course will include education on building common LLM applications using Hugging Face, developing retrieval augmented generation (RAG) applications, creating multistage reasoning pipelines using LangChain, fine-tuning LLMs for specific tasks, implementing responsible AI practices with LLMs, and deployment of models at scale using LLMOps best practices.

In addition to the self-paced learning pathway available in Databricks Academy, Databricks also offers public and private instructor-led training for Generative AI Engineering with Databricks. The course is taught by an expert instructor and includes hands-on labs. The course provides learners with a dynamic, experiential learning experience.

This announcement supplements the self-paced Generative AI Fundamentals course that Databricks launched in 2023. The Fundamentals course focuses on how generative AI can be used to revolutionize practical AI applications, how organizations can successfully identify and implement generative AI applications, and how to recognize and mitigate potential legal and ethical considerations of using generative AI. The self-paced content, appropriate for technical and business leaders, ends with a knowledge quiz. Upon passing the knowledge quiz, a Generative AI Fundamentals badge will be granted.


Start learning through the self-paced or instructor-led course, Generative AI Engineering with Databricks on Databricks Academy today.

As a part of this learning pathway, Databricks is also launching a new Generative AI Engineer Associate certification – and we're looking for passionate generative AI practitioners to help. Join other subject matter experts to provide feedback to help develop the Generative AI Engineer Associate certification.

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