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Databricks Obtains ISO 27701 Certification

Cheryl Allieri
Neal Hannan
Mathilde Zanelly
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We’re excited to announce that Databricks has obtained the International Standards Organization (ISO) 27701 certification as a data processor. This certification reflects our commitment to privacy and provides our customers with third-party validation of Databricks’ privacy practices when handling customer data.

What is ISO/IEC 27701:2019?

The ISO 27701 certification is the privacy management extension of ISO/IEC 27001, which provides guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) within the context of the organization. Alignment to this standard demonstrates that Databricks’ PIMS supports our compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other data privacy regulations.

Learn more about Databricks’ Certification

Databricks has received an accredited ISO/IEC 27701 certification as a PII processor after undergoing an audit by an independent and accredited third party auditor.

This certification applies across the Databricks platform, and is supported across the three clouds. To learn more about our certification, please visit.

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