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Reliable, accurate and trusted data is the most critical requirement for any data application in an enterprise. As Databricks customers increasingly rely on their data for automated insights and customer experiences, data quality has become a baseline necessity. Importantly, data quality issues are one of the largest, if not the largest, blockers enterprises face in maximizing the value of data and AI. One recent study found that 91% of IT decision makers believe they need to improve data quality at their company; 77% said they lack trust in their organization's business data.

To help address these critical customer needs, Databricks Ventures is pleased to announce our investment in the Series B round of our longtime data quality partner Anomalo. We first got to know the Anomalo team nearly three years ago. From the start, we were impressed by the caliber of the team, the innovative and easy-to-use product, pace of technical innovation, and rapid time-to-value customers can achieve from deploying Anomalo's AI-powered, automated quality-monitoring features.

Building on Our Tight Partnership

As one of our early Partner Connect integrations, Anomalo has long worked seamlessly with the Databricks platform. Anomalo's AI-powered data quality monitoring automatically detects data quality issues and their root causes before they affect BI dashboards and reports or downstream AI models. Customers can begin using Anomalo to monitor any Databricks table in a matter of minutes, without needing extensive, time-consuming and manual configuration. Importantly, Anomalo's tight integrations with core Databricks technologies like Unity Catalog, Delta Live Tables, and Databricks Workflows ensure a high level of confidence in the quality of data across every layer of a customer's stack.

Anomalo is one of our largest and fastest-growing data quality partners, with dozens of joint customers already using Anomalo on top of their Databricks Lakehouse.

The Anomalo Advantage

Our investment comes at a time of record growth for Anomalo - which ended its most recent quarter with nearly threefold year-over-year growth in ARR. All in all, the company has grown its annual recurring revenue more than 15x since its Series A fundraise in 2021. New customers added in 2023 include some of the largest financial services, insurance, retail and technology firms. Our joint customers including Casey's, Lebara, and Block are using Anomalo on top of the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform to ensure their Data and AI can be trusted.

What's Next

Together, Databricks and Anomalo are committed to unlocking the power of trusted data, driving innovation, and ensuring the success of enterprises worldwide. Stay tuned as we embark on this journey towards a future where trusted data and AI solutions empower businesses to thrive.

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